For the longest time in the past functionality and elegant style in women’s watches were never paired together for some reason.

Call it a sexist angle of whatever but watches were a part of women’s accessories but not something that was considered crucial at all.

There were not many watch brands that actually considered making such timepieces because none of them considered women as a permanent or viable consumer base. This fact alone was the cause of the Olivia Burton foundation. 

Former fashion enthusiasts and longtime friends Jemma and Less created this brand to make sure that style would meet the practical ends for women as well when it comes to watches. 

This brand is relatively new to the watch industry in the market. The fact that this brand is very much popular these days one would assume that it has been around for a long time. 

But with all the beautiful, flowery, and aesthetically pleasing designs, Olivia Burton has been killing it for 5 years only and with more years to come. The brand was really in the limelight when it received Buyer’s Choice A Award in 2016 at the Eve’s Watch Awards. 

The category had many other prestigious watchmaking brands in the industry and yet this one bagged it all.

What really makes people think of this brand as a high one is how two women founders have been delivering quality with all the other old competitors in the market. 

You can find watches here that are definitely stylish but do have the practical and classical mold that makes watches so desirable for everyone.

You get to have customizable options here for your watches that include the right size, patterns, and hues that are however you like. 

So this makes the brand definitely check all the desired boxes that women could possibly be looking for.

The founders of the brand share a passion for vintage watchmaking craft and had their own modernized take on the traditional one. 

The brand makes sure to deliver style with exquisite attention to detail and functionality that would be wearable throughout the day serving the purpose and also looking good. 

With attention to detail, the watches you see here are definitely the most attractive ones you find on your watch hunt. There is a popular watch collection here called the Enchanted Garden watches and it is everything you would want a watch to be. 

The design versatility comes with some soft purple hues on the dial pad with a sliming navy strap, making it the perfect choice for casual and professional wear. 

Is Olivia Burton A Luxury Watch Brand?

Olivia Burton is definitely not a luxury brand if that is what you have been looking for in particular though. The watch line is dedicated to women and is the most affordable one on the market. 

Despite the fact that this brand is not expensive at all and not a luxury either, it does outsell brands like Micheal Kors. The main reason for this is the target audience of the brand and also the elegant, clean, and attractive designs of the watches.

Is Olivia Burton A Designer Brand?

Olivia Burton is a designer brand but an affordable one for sure. The style and design inspiration is derived from the vintage English era. 

The brand has always been about creating attractive feminine watches that would look elegant, stylish, and would be affordable as well. 

What Kind Of Brand Is Olivia Burton?

Olivia Burton is a female-led watch brand that specializes in making elegant watch pieces for women. And in a short period of time, it has gained much popularity among the women and in the market with its quality and style. 

Is Olivia Burton Worth it?

If you are into elegant designs when it comes to watches for women, then this brand would be perfect for you and if you want to get it for your special someone. 

The designs are a standout and for sure easy on the pocket as well. 

Elegant watches and functionality does and can go hand in hand as the brand has proved so far. Next time you go watch shopping, make sure to check it out for the best collection of female watches on the market. 

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