Nasty Gal was founded by Sophia Amoruso in 2016. She started this company as an online eBay store that later got transformed into a full-time clothing brand in Los Angeles, California.

Her production house was initially a small garage she owned. She started manufacturing all her products there and expanded from a small garage to a multi-million dollar company recognized worldwide.

The company went through a lot of ups and downs throughout this time, but it remains true to its strength as a woman-empowering brand.

The company has a massive number of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

What began as a thrilling adventure in entrepreneurship became rancid when Sophia Amoruso stepped down as the chief executive officer (CEO).

As an indirect consequence of this, the company soon filed for bankruptcy, shutting two of its shops in Los Angeles.

However, the other stores of Nasty Gals in the world continued to operate as the UK-based online dealer Boohoo Group swooped in to buy the company in the year 2017, preventing it from going more bankrupt than it already was.

Today, Nasty Gal continues to sell elegant and chic clothes for women all around the world.

Let us have a look at what the brand sells and if it is worth a buy!

Is Nasty Gal Better Than Shein?

Shein is a Chinese retail company. Among the many companies listed online that are comparable with Shein, Nasty Gal also boasts a position in the list.

Nasty Gal’s clothing line has a much better rating than Shein’s in terms of the quality and materials of the outfits. But along with being better in quality, the price of Nasty Gal’s outfits is also higher than Shein’s.

While some people claim that the brand is expensive compared to Shein, others argue that their attires are much better, so the pricing on them is justified and thus affordable.

In today’s time, everyone is so concerned about the products being low in price that they sometimes forget it compromises the quality.

The same is the matter with Shein vs. Nasty Gal.

People have become habitual in purchasing clothing items from Shein at lower prices, but that is just not the option for those who want sustainable clothes of better quality.

Is Nasty Gal Reliable?

Yes, the brand is a legit one and thus is completely reliable.

The excellence of Nasty Gal is traced back to the fact that it is operated by a UK-based parent company.

This parent company also owns Boohoo and Pretty Little Things, but all three brands are operated separately and the quality of one is never compromised at the expense of the other.

Like all other online brands that are listed as top fashion brands of today’s time, Nasty Gal is also a legit company, and thus it is safe to buy from them.

Their website is secure and they go above and beyond in maintaining customer privacy and satisfaction. Their privacy policy is a testament to their secure website and they’re pretty transparent in all their dealings.

The company Nasty Gal does business of more than a hundred million dollars each year.

Nasty Gal has surely seen its bad days, but now it stands as one of the best feminist clothing brands in the whole fashion industry.

The label has even been featured in big fashion magazines like NYLON, Business Insider, and Forbes.

What Went Wrong With Nasty Gal?

In the year 2016, when the CEO Sophia stepped down from her position, the company filed for bankruptcy, which marked the doom of Nasty Gal.

The empowering clothing brand took a sharp U-turn when all of this fiasco happened and the biggest consequence of it was that it failed to act responsively to customer complaints.

This was due to the fact that products that were falsely marked as seventy percent off were charged at a full rate. This led to the furious clients filing complaints about the return of orders, but none of them were heard.

Hence, the company had to close all its online stores in Los Angeles, California.

The reason Nasty Gal went bankrupt was that a lot of investors became interested in the rapidly growing brand. The overfunding led to the company becoming overwhelmed by all the attention.

The high number of investors pushed the company towards its downfall as every investor wanted to put their mind to work and thus direct the company on their terms.

This internal fighting and disagreement among the investors led to mismanagement and chaos. Hence, the ineffective operation of a company that needed greater support became the reason for its fall.

Luckily, the company was saved from its doom when it was bought for twenty million dollars by a company from the United Kingdom that goes by the name Boohoo.

Is Nasty Gal A Good Brand?

Over the years, Nasty Gal has proven itself as a reliable and trustworthy brand that demonstrates a strong commitment to quality.

The brand is versatile and has all sorts of clothing you might need—clothes for every season, every occasion.

The online store even has clothes for newly expecting mothers. The maternity range of clothing on the website is really cute and elegant.

The brand also has great size runs. They have size guides and size charts that help the buyer make a perfect purchase. The online label stocks size from XXS to XXL. You can check out your size by the online size finder.

The company sells winter clothing like jackets, blazers, sweatshirts, knitwear, and sweaters. For summers, the brand sells tops, dresses, and even sexy lingerie!

The Nasty Gal website has a separate section for all its dresses. The much-navigational section includes maxi dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mesh dresses, prom dresses, graduation dresses, and much more.

Shipping Policies

The company has a $9.99 shipping fee for standard shipping and $11.99 for express shipping. You get free shipping for all orders above eighty dollars.

Even though both the shipping policies differ by mere two dollars, the standard shipment is more prone to delays than the express shipping.

Return Policies

The company proffers refunds on items that are completely new and unwashed. The only products that can not be returned are items that include skincare items like facemasks and beauty products.

If you want to get dressed for your prom or graduation in a chic and elegant manner, you can surely search for Nasty Gal’s dresses. Their attire is known greatly for their unique style and sense of fashion.

Some of the cocktail dresses have showstopper qualities, and who would not want to compete with models after all! They have a distinct variety of gowns that will surely help you look the best!


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