This New York label started off in 1987 in a lower East Side store that was called Robespierre. The designer Nanette Lepore used to pay 500 dollars as rent for that store at the time. 

With time, the brand grew and soon became a wholesaler and got the name, Nanette Lepore. The founder of the brand named the brand after herself since it was a trend and made the brand look designer for real. 

The wholesale shop was in Soho and the warehouse was in a vast building in New York. 

Nanette Lepore is known for its womanly dresses and cute vibe that is all about appreciating femininity. The colorful blouses, dresses, defined waists, and also flirty frills are the representation of a feminine look. 

The idea was to create designs that were not borderline masculine. We all saw this brand rising to fame when it was featured in the iconic show called Gossip Girls. 

These dresses were made while making sure that they were suitable for both casual wear and office wear. These dresses and designs became immensely popular among young women, especially college girls. 

College girls would save up to buy a dress from this brand for a special occasion. The collection was perfect for office wear for people who were looking for simple yet feminine blouses. 

You could also wear these clothes for your special days like graduation and date nights. The brand kept its quality intact since it only manufactured its clothes in New York City. 

With people excelling in their careers, the brand introduced suits that were ultra-feminine and clearly defying any sort of masculine touch to the office wear. Did you know that this brand also manufactured judging robes that were inspired by Ruth Bader? 

In 2009 the brand launched a blurry and oversized colorful overcoat that became the best selling item of the brand of all time. 

Is Nanette Lepore A Luxury Brand?

Nanette Lepore is an attainable luxury that everyone loved and respected at the time of its peak. 

You can buy these dresses now easily since it does have that much hype anymore or prices. You can easily go for the outlet in New York and the website also. 

There are seasonal and some permanent discounts available on the website that would be perfect for a dress you have in mind. 

Is Nanette Lepore A Designer Brand?

Most definitely the brand was started off by the designer Nanette Lepore. The designs here were inspired by the designer’s gypsy vibe and ultra-feminine looks. 

The looks were all about looking young and snatched with a sleek waist design and very much beautiful detailing. 

Where Are Nanette Lepore Clothes Made?

Nanette Lepore Clothes are made in New York City. What made this brand face a downfall was its exaggerated expansion of it overseas. 

After hiring more than 300 people all of a sudden the company had to shorten the profit line for the higher cost. The expansion was not benefiting the brand at all. 

The designer came up with the strategy that if they could stitch the clothes shorter or lower the production cost that might be a savior. But after the great recession, things were quite different for many designers and people. 

People were not into the short dresses and fashion shows in New York became more and more expensive with the time. And the day came that to meet the profit margin in order to survive the brand laid off a lot of people in days. 

The demise could be seen when the New York headquarters of the brand was asked to lay off 75 people in a day. The owner of the brand did her last show in 2020 at New York fashion week and called it off from her end. 

The brand is still in business but the hype of it is not as alive as it was during the early years. People don’t really take interest in it since the collection is not that appealing. 

There are so many other options out there that are far more diverse and affordable that this brand kind of gets overlooked. 

But you can still find people who are into the designs and there are retailers that do sell Nanette Lepore dresses to this date. So you might want to check them out and visiting the online stores of retailers and the brand’s is always a convenient option. 

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