Investing in a sensible and aesthetic pair of sunglasses is a good decision. You don’t always find reliable shops where you can invest your money to get fantastic eyewear.

One of these brands that do not disappoint you with their products is Designer Optics.

This open store sells a wide range of designer reading glasses, sunglasses, contacts, and watches.

The brand takes pride in being one of the largest online marketplaces for eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses.

Despite their excellent reputation, there have been a lot of questions regarding Designer Optics that should be addressed in order to make the decision to shop easier for customers.

This article will discuss the various attributes of Designer Optics and the authenticity of the brand.

What is Designer Optics?

Designer Optics is an online marketplace selling quality eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. They have the best selection of eyewear at the best prices.

Somehow even with the quality of the products they provide, Designer Optics still remains affordable. That’s what makes it so great.

It provides a blend of affordability and luxury that you seldom get anywhere else.

Designer Optics undertakes brands that you can rely on, such as Calvin Klein and Alexander McQueen.

The marketplace is a reliable platform for users to get their desired products from.

The Story of Designer Optics

Founded in 2011, Designer Optics is based in Brooklyn and aims to close the gap between affordability and luxury. The company is owned and led by the owner Irvin Chadha.

At Designer Optics, you won’t find cutting-edge brands that offer luxury clothing and bags.

However, you will find a wide selection of celebrity brands such as Harley Davidson and Kendall + Kylie.

They also stock up on Prada, Gucci, Tom Ford, and so on.

These brands add more charm to the marketplace despite not offering a lot of genres.

Designer Optics refuses to compromise on their style and prices even when they are offering the best products.

They are dedicated to providing the efficiency with which their customers should receive their products.

This online marketplace is out to destroy the idea of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single pair of sunglasses.

They want to offer a platform for authentic, fashionable brands that don’t end up burning a hole in your wallet.

If you are looking for high-quality sunglasses and prescription glasses but don’t want to spend thousands on these products, Designer Optics is the perfect place for you.

They have dozens of designs that you will love.

What are the Good and Bad Attributes of Designer Optics?

When reviewing a brand, it is crucial to reflect on both its good and bad attributes.

Figuring out where the weight tilts towards is what makes a brand worthy of your trust.

Good Attributes

  • Designer Optics offers an extensive range of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses to choose from. You can choose from a vast collection of products.
  • Unlike most high-end brands, Designer Optics would not demand thousands of dollars from you in exchange for a single sunglass/eyeglass.
  • What makes this platform legitimate is that they offer a warranty via Extend, which allows you to get some assurance in its quality and authenticity
  • One of the qualities that customers rave about is that Designer Optics does not ask for separate shipping fees for its orders. You can get free shipping on all orders.
  • The customer reviews at Designer Optics are phenomenal, and customers really love the platform.
  • They provide prescription lenses upon request

Bad Attributes

  • If you are buying from Designer Optics for the first time, you will find their website a little confusing at first.
  • They don’t offer free return shipping

Is Designer Optics Worth it?

There is no marketplace as dedicated to keeping the budget in consideration as Designer Optics. You can get discounts on your favorite brands here and shop on a budget because the products are affordable.

The limitless options of sunglasses and the ability to avail of prescription glasses make the purchase worth it.

While it’s not exactly cheap, you do get relatively reasonable rates which are a win-win.

What makes Designer Optics so attractive is that it strikes a perfect balance between style and affordability and allows you to compromise on neither.

Designer Optics provides a range of prescription types, including single vision, progressive, bifocal with a line, readers, and non-prescription. They also offer anti-reflective lenses.

So if you are looking for a shop that puts you first, provides affordable items, and ensures that you get the highest quality products with the most lenient policies, Designer Optics is totally worth the try.

They make you want to buy from them again and again by making the shopping experience so fun and easy.

You will not feel like it’s a chore once you invest your time and money in this marketplace.

Their stuff will last for a long time and keep you satisfied.

Is Designer Optics Legit?

Yes. Designer Optics is an entirely legitimate marketplace.

If it is not already apparent by the sheer number of satisfied customers, Designer Optics also offers a warranty through Extend, which proves that they are authentic and not a scam.

Designer Optics aims to put its customers first in everything they do.

Their policies are customer-friendly and ensure that the people trusting them are always satisfied with what they receive.

They offer free shipping on every order, a price match guarantee, and easy returns if you don’t like your sunglasses.

Why would they offer so much leniency if they were not legit?

All these guarantees and warranties are for the convenience of their customers, which shows how dedicated they are to caring about their customers.

The marketplace aims to create a space for you that you can be completely satisfied with. We want this experience to be fun, fast, and easy.

They don’t want you to feel like glasses are some kind of chore. Since shopping for glasses is fun, they want your experience to be a great one.

While shopping for glasses, you can experiment with how you look by experimenting with the way you look and trying out different kinds of glasses.

The wide collection of frames at Designer Optics allows you to pick a frame that is both your style and well-suited to your face.

Designer Optics believes that it is important for your orders to be shipped as soon as possible.

They work with the best parcel delivery services so that your orders are delivered in a timely fashion, and you don’t have to wait for longer than promised.

Nothing disappoints a customer like late deliveries and unfulfilled promises.

Designer Optics believes that ease of use is integral to a customer’s satisfaction with the business and makes them come back again and again.

Their website is easy to browse, and you won’t have trouble navigating it.

They also offer multiple shipping and checking-out options, which makes it easy for you to shop from their website.

Their customer service and staff are hospitable, and they make sure that they are always here for you and help you in any way they can. Any trouble in checking the process can be easily solved by taking help from their staff.

Why Buy From Designer Optics?

You want glasses that are durable and made to last. Designer Optics solves this problem by providing sunglasses and prescription glasses that are of high quality and are a perfect first for your vision.

Designer Optics believes that everybody has a different taste and their individuality is really important. This is why they have a wide collection of highly different sunglasses and prescription glasses.

You will also find tons of wholesale bargains on eyewear in this marketplace which makes it way more affordable than regular brands.

What makes Designer Optics such a good investment is that it makes you feel like a million bucks when you put them on. The quality is that good.

Moreover, the eyewear is authentic, stylish, and chic.

Finding glasses that speak of your personality and make you feel like you are on top of the world because they are so attractive and unique is an amazing feeling.

Glasses represent your individual style, and nobody should compromise on that.

The marketplace is connected to the best optical labs, which means that you can get prescription glasses that are not only of the highest quality but also extremely reliable.

Their stock of the top designers certainly helps their reputation and makes them appealing to a larger population. They cater to a large number of customers.

Designer Optics is certainly committed to what they are doing.

Their deep efforts in comforting their customers and giving them the best of what they have is what has kept their business afloat.

With their high-quality sunglasses and positive attitude, you will feel like a satisfied customer in no time.


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