Footwear is a significant part of your look that not only gives you comfort and stability but completes your outfit.

There is a long list of shoe styles that can be paired with different outfits for different occasions, but the most common trend today is sneakers.

Sneakers are currently the most common shoes that every male and female owns.

Initially worn only for sports, sneakers have now become staples in the modern fashion industry. They express the identity of an individual more than any other fashion item.

Sneakers come in various shapes, colors, and styles and are worn by every other person, from athletes and models to kids in the playground.

Sneaker-heads really go deep into the details when buying sneakers.

There are several websites and blogs that update sneaker enthusiasts on the latest news and articles related to sneakers.

One such website is Kicks On Fire, which has revolutionized sneaker news by uniting all details of new brands, styles, and reports about sneakers from all around the world, on a single platform.

Kicks On Fire has become the premiere blog for sneaker-heads by building a relationship with top sneaker brands to stay relevant and updated about sneakers.

Where Is Kicks On Fire Located?

Kicks On Fire was started in 2007 by Furqan Khan, a sneaker enthusiast who wanted to create a platform where he could provide knowledge about the latest sneaker coverage and release dates.

He started Kicks On Fire as a college student in the NYC Metropolitan area, New York.

Khan believes that sneakers are not just about appearance but that there is always an inspiration behind the shoe.

The purpose of starting Kicks On Fire was to create a forum where sneakerheads can meet their likes and share their collections of kicks.

Videos and pictures of sneakers are shared on this website by the sneakerheads community to interact and know more about the sneakers industry.

Moreover, this website lists all major retail stores and their addresses around the globe from where you can buy sneakers.

A mapping system is provided, which you can use to navigate to the nearest stores in your neighborhood and zoom into your city to view the stores.

Some of its recommended stores in the USA and their locations are:

  • Sole classics is located in High St. Columbus, Ohio
  • Sportie LA, located on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles
  • Foot Soldiers, located on 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida.
  • Sneaker Bistro Boutique in Patchogue, New York.

Can You Buy From Kicks On Fire?

Kicks On Fire is not only a platform that updates its viewers on the latest sneaker trends, but it also has a detailed guide on the qualities and prices of different sneaker brands.

On average, the Kicks On Fire blog is viewed by almost 3 million people each month.

In addition to establishing itself as the leading blog for sneaker enthusiasts, Kicks On Fire has also started an e-commerce business, putting itself out on the online shopping scene.

The Kicks On Fire website offers a very smooth interface to shop for sneakers.

As it is run by sneaker enthusiasts, it is guaranteed that all shoes purchased are 100% authentic.

Due to their good relations with the top sneaker brands, Kicks On Fire provides the best and latest collections of sneakers at the best possible prices.

Kicks On Fire offers all varieties of sneakers under one roof. They include:

  • Air Jordan Lows
  • Air Jordan Playoffs
  • Air Jordan Zoom Comfort
  • Nike Dunk
  • Nike Dunk Low
  • Nike Air Max
  • Air Force
  • Adidas Sneakers
  • New Balance

The advantage of buying from Kicks On Fire is that you can learn about the history and inspiration behind each pair.

Other details like the release date and materials of manufacturing for each shoe are also mentioned on their website.

Along with a complete variety of the latest sneakers, Kicks On Fire offers great customer service as well.

In short, if you are looking for a place to buy authentic and high-quality sneakers, Kicks On Fire is the place to go.

You can order your pair of sneakers through the Kicks On Fire website. In order to place your order, you’ll have to sign up or log in to your existing account.


What Are The Coins For On Kicks On Fire?

Kicks On Fire attracts more customers by implementing unique ideas to advertise its products.

The marketing team at Kicks On Fire has professional digital marketers that use different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to run promotional campaigns to expand their reach.

Another very famous promotional campaign hosted by Kicks On Fire is called the Free Kicks giveaway.

Ads are posted inviting people from around the world to participate in this giveaway.

One lucky winner from all the participants is selected at random for the giveaway.

Kicks On Fire sends a fresh, new pair of sneakers from their latest collection to the winner of this giveaway.

An email is sent to the winner, who can claim the prize within ten days of the announcement.

In order to participate in Free Kicks, the customers must collect coins.

These coins can be earned by sharing a link to the upcoming sneakers mentioned in the release calendar by Kick On Fire.

You can access the release calender through the Kicks On Fire mobile app and choose a shoe that you like.

Share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other available social media platform. Fifteen coins are rewarded for sharing a single post.

You need at least 100 reward coins to enter into the weekly giveaways.

You can also participate in more than one giveaway at the same time.

You can log in to the Kicks On Fire app to keep an account of the coins collected.

Updates regarding these weekly giveaways are posted on the Kicks On Fire website as well as on their Instagram page. You can only participate in the giveaways present under the “open” tab.

The winner is announced on their website and Instagram page, both.


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