Maxine jewelry is a brand that sells fine jewelry at relatively lower prices than other brands in the market.

Holding onto their word, they recognize they do not use real diamonds within their jewelry but have a shine just like real diamonds. 

Apart from their use of lab grown diamonds within their jewelry, Maxine specializes in wedding jewelry where they sell engagement rings as well as wedding rings, earrings, and necklace sets.

However, the question might go to their quality, what metal they use as well as the various gemstones they use to embellish their jewelry.

So is Maxine jewelry legit? Let’s find out.

Is Maxine Jewelry Good Quality?


Some of the metals that Maxine jewelry claims to use are rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, platinum and sterling silver.

Sterling silver is silver combined with another metal to increase its strength, since it is too soft to be used in jewelry in its pure form.

They have an 18 carat quota principle in which gold of any kind they use to make their jewelry must be of this purity.

This is because of the same reasons as silver where pure gold becomes too hard to work with. 

Their jewelry also has rhodium coating which is a mixture of white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

This gives it a long lasting, elegant shine and makes it resistant to rusting, preventing the “green finger” effect.

Gemstones And Diamonds

Maxine jewelry claims to use a variety of precious gemstones which include opal, sapphire, emerald, zircon, rubies and garnets. 

These jewels are held in intricate, modern and innovative designs and are polished to perfection. 

The online retail jewelry brand also uses Sona simulated diamonds, which are an alternative to natural gemstone and is more practical for everyday hard wear. 

This could be a contributing factor to the apparently low cost of Maxine jewelry, which is not worth it in many of their customer’s opinions.

Many of their customers complain about the gemstones being fake, and their jewelry of extremely low quality, a stark contrast to what they saw online versus what they bought.

Is It Reliable?

People have different views considering the brand due to their different experiences. It would be better to consider both before drawing a conclusion. 

Customer Reviews 


According to multiple customer reviews, they are not as good as they claim to be. Many say they are way overpriced as opposed to their tagline they use multiple times, claiming their jewelry to be high quality at cheaper prices. 

Many also complain about their customer service not being good enough where delivery takes a long time and their staff isn’t very cooperative when it comes to returns and refunds. 


A large proportion of their customers are satisfied with the online retail brand’s service and have considered it one of the most viable jewelry brands of its time. 

This is mainly because of their budget friendly prices where the quality is as good as they claim. Even the fake gemstones and diamonds they use have the shine and quality as real ones and as Maxine claims, they can easily pass through the diamond test.

Is It Ethical?

An ethical jewelry brand is one in which full transparency is offered from sourcing precious gemstones and metals to their craftsmanship as well as their disposal of waste material. 

This creates a lot of confusion when it comes to Maxine jewelry since none of the information is given out.

There is no mention of how they acquired the materials or the working conditions of their employees which raises a lot of questions considering the brand’s reputation.

Is It Nickel And Lead Free?

Rhodium Coating 

Maxine jewelry has a rhodium finish on their jewelry and where they use 925 sterling silver and 18 carat gold in all kinds of gold they use including rose, white and yellow.

Rhodium creates a layer of jewelry that prevents the original metal from getting oxidized, thus preventing rust and giving it a long lasting shine. 

Different Kinds Of Metal

The gold made for jewelry, is usually mixed with metals like copper and silver, where rose gold is a mixture of copper and gold giving it the pinkish hue.

White gold is primarily gold mixed with other metals like nickel, palladium, zinc or even tin to give it the resulting color.

There is a high chance that Maxine jewelry uses nickel and lead since it is impossible to create much of the metals they use for designing jewelry.

Also, their jewelry is also known to get green from time to time, due to the acidity of the skin which indicates the use of other reactive metals.

Where Is It Located?

Maxine jewelry is primarily an online brand which until today has no retail stores and has its headquarters located in Shaanxi, China.

Its shipping is available world wide where they cost no charges for standard shipping to the US and a fair amount for express shipping. 


Express shipping differs from standard shipping where the delivery is faster than standard shipping. 

Maxine jewelry also has different shipping methods and charges for the United States and the rest of the world where their shipping is available. 

They might ask you for extra charges if it’s a remote location and request the customers to fill in their shipping and billing addresses carefully to avoid any inconvenience. 

Gift cards and free sophisticated packaging is also available as an added facility to win you over.


Maxine jewelry has one of the most innovative designs in the market where there is a large variety of designs available. One can find a design suitable for everyday wear or special occasions. 

Even though they don’t have any retail stores at the moment, Maxine jewelry is planning to open up very soon. 

The question pertaining to whether or not it’s authentic enough can only be answered if you gather up your courage and give the brand a chance. At the end of the day, the decision depends on you.


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