Imagine opening up your tent zipline to see a breathtaking sunrise from the top of a mountain. Sounds pretty magical, doesn’t it?

For those of you who have experienced hiking, you would agree with us when we say it is indeed one of the best interactions people can have with nature!

Hiking is an amazing way to get in shape and enjoy the outdoors. It can be a great way to see breathtaking scenery, meet new people, and build physical endurance.

However, not everyone enjoys hiking.

Some people find it too strenuous, mainly because they do not have the appropriate hiking tools and gear with them to make this strenuous activity easy and fun.

Good hiking gear can make the experience much more enjoyable and help you stay safe while you’re out in the wilderness.

If you’re one of those people who find sourcing quality hiking gear from a reliable brand challenging, we have an excellent solution to your problem in this article.

So chin up and get ready to be the next Bear Grylls of your team with some fantastic outdoor gear from Karrimor- a company specializing in backpacks and outdoor equipment!

How Can Karrimor Make Hiking Better?

Karrimor is a one-stop solution for all your hiking and outdoor adventure needs. The company has covered all bases, literally.

Every single thing you would need for your trip? Karrimor provides it. Let’s see how:

For the hours of running and climbing that you shall have to endure, Karrimor has an extensive collection of carefully crafted shoes that cater to all kinds of environments.

There are various options for men, women, and children that are subdivided into multiple categories of colors, designs, and sizes.

The brand’s “Swift Running shoes,” retailing at $69.9 are pretty popular.

Not only shoes but there is a whole activewear collection on sale too! Tracksuits, tights, shorts, capris, jackets, T-shirts, socks, you name it!

And the good thing about their clothing is that it is highly resistant to temperature and climatic conditions yet ventilated enough to keep you light and cool!

So you can run all day long, and not worry about any tears or cuts in your Karrimor outfit!

Oh, and we are not even talking about how classy their color schemes and clothing design sense are. Just take that as an added bonus along with the other functional benefits.

Karrimor also intends to make your stargazing nights in the forest better.

To aid you with a comfortable shelter, Karrimor provides you with tents, sleeping bags, and portable stoves.

All camping necessities have been worked upon and various versions and types of camping gear are available at this company.

The sleeping bags have the advantage of being light and occupy very little space when folded up.

Essentially, every camping need from A-Z is available on their website.

You’ve got walking poles, maps, first aid kits, water bottles, pedometers, and even pillows on sale here.

The upkeep quality and versatility of its products, along with increased affordability, make Karrimor the perfect brand for new campers to try.

Is Karrimor a British Company?

Karrimor was founded back in 1946 by a three-person team of Charles Parsons, Mary Parsons, and Grace Davies in Lancashire, England.

Originally, it was only used to sell handmade pannier bags.

However, with a lot of hard work, they introduced the innovative Haston Alpine Rucksack in 1970 which plummeted the company towards success.

In 1980, the company introduced the first ever sports boots that were manufactured from lightweight fabrics.

Innovations have not stopped since and new technology is constantly incorporated into recent products.

However, in the late 1990s, financial difficulties forced the brand into receivership and in 2003, the British sports company ‘Sports Direct’ acquired the trademark of Karrimor and continues to hold it.

Thus, Karrimor is indeed a British Company as its operations are conducted by a notable British firm.

Are Karrimor Jackets Really that Good?

Whenever you go to buy a Jacket, you judge it based on four factors: design, functionality, durability, and price.

In terms of design, the Karrimor Jackets make bold statements with their color schemes that exhibit confidence and passion.

Colors like neon green and navy blue are available with contrasting lines that give it a sporty touch.

So wherever your hiking trip takes you, you shall definitely stand out while running in these.

Talking about functionality, the Jackets are made from a ‘Transpire System’ which comprises of micropile inner and a breathable outer layer making it light yet ventilated.

The fabric also has stretch fit technology allowing you all the flexibility you need.

The MX Therm+ technology is also integrated into the Jacket which allows for maximum thermal insulation.

This shall allow you to comfortably survive on those cold mountain tops without shivering away all your energy trying to combat the cold.

The Jackets are highly durable too as they have all the latest clothing tech that makes them weatherproof to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

Lastly, for the price, which is around $35 (considered a bit high for a jacket), we would argue it is a great versatile product that is worth a little extra spend.

Are Karrimor Jackets Waterproof?

As it’s common to experience rainfall on mountains and on hikes, it becomes necessary to keep your clothes from getting wet as wet clothes can be pretty uncomfortable to wear and hard to carry along.

For this reason, all Karrimor Jackets are completely waterproof and weatherproof.

Karrimor uses the DWR, ShowerProof, and WeatherTite technology while manufacturing these highly coveted Jackets, which allows them to have advanced water-repelling properties.

Therefore for all your trips, you can go with ease knowing that your arsenal is all geared up against all of nature’s challenges, be it rain or wind.

Should you Invest In A Karrimor?

Yes, after reading all the above about Karrimor you must have figured out that Karrimor is not just any local brand unworthy of your trust.

But the question still remains; is it worth investing all your money in?

What do you really gain from buying your hiking essentials from Karrimor?

Well, the best thing about Karrimor is that it saves you both time and money.

Literally, everything one needs to go on the trip is available here at relatively lower prices than the competition.

The “camping” section on their website is particularly helpful since it enlists everything one needs for a successful camping/hiking adventure in one place.

Having everything in the same place saves you the hassle of individually listing out the products you need and then looking for them on other websites that you might not even trust.

So, why not give the brand a try? Karrimor is a brand we personally vouch for!

We are positive this decision will make your next trip the smoothest one you’ve ever been upon.


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