With over twenty-four million online stores out there, it is almost impossible to figure out which one is worth buying from and which isn’t.

This is because looting people online is just as easy as shopping online. Sometimes sellers ask for advance payment and never deliver at all. 

Other times sellers deliver the products but they look nothing like they did in the pictures online.

The best way to protect yourself from these fake sellers is to research.

Research about the website you wish to buy from, check reviews, and only then make a decision.

Haute In Couture is a clothing brand that has been getting attention these days.

The clothes are stunning but Is Haute In Couture Beverly Hills Legit?

Let’s find out.


Haute In Couture Beverly Hills is an online brand selling luxury women’s apparel.

The first look at the website makes it appear decent, but that impression doesn’t last long because the brand does not even have an “About Us” page.

It is one big flaw and something that one can not ignore. I mean, how can a brand just go into selling without telling its buyers what it stands for or what inspired the owner to start the brand.

The shop section shows that Haute In Couture sells blazers, dresses, tops, t-shirts, two-piece sets, jewelry, and footwear only for women.

The highest-priced outfit on the website is 2-Piece Houndstooth Tweed Jacket & Skirt Set worth USD 199. 

It comes in sizes ranging from small to extra large. The set is already on sale, but one can still buy it in four interest-free installments.

The lowest-priced article is Black Tweed High Waisted Shorts With Crystal Belt, priced at USD 69. You can buy these in four installments.

The brand does not give any information regarding the fabric used or the production country.

Upon some research, we discovered that the brand does not sell its authentic designs. Most outfits and footwear are copies of high-end brands like Dolce And Gabbana.

The website mentions an address in California, but Google Maps does not pinpoint the location. 


The shipping policy of the brand is quite simple. It states that the order takes 3 to 4 days to process the orders. It may take up to 15 days for the order to deliver.

Haute In Couture ships worldwide and states that all international customers will pay the taxes or duty charges themself.

The brand’s return policy clearly mentions that it does not offer a refund on any item. 

You can, however, get it exchanged for another article or store credit by notifying customer service within 48 hours.

The policy further mentions that all sale items are final, and the brand will not provide any refund or exchange on such products. 

The customer is responsible for all the shipping charges. You might also get charged a rejection fee if the article you returned is not in brand-new condition. 

Haute In Couture clearly lays down all its terms and conditions which is a plus point.

But since most of the articles on the website are on sale, you would be buying at your own risk with no option of refund or exchange.


Social media plays a big part in promoting a clothing brand- especially the ones selling online.

At the same time, they are a good way to figure out the legitimacy of the brand. Most good brands have over 100,000 followers and people interact with their posts.

When we looked into the social media accounts of Haute In Couture, the results were shocking.

The brand, claiming to sell high fashion does not have any social media handles. No Instagram account, Facebook page, or TikTok.

In today’s world, where even preloved clothes have catchy social media handles, it is hard to digest that a clothing brand can do good with one. 

This reveal makes Haute in Couture seem extremely suspicious. Any brand wishing to make a name for itself would turn to Instagram or TikTok before anything else. 


There is no better way to gauge a brand’s legitimacy than reviews. 

When we looked at Haute In Couture’s website, we discovered that the brand does not allow reviews on its products.

The home page has only three reviews that make the brand sound exceptional. 

Unfortunately, such reviews are not trustworthy. The brand owners mostly make up such reviews themselves to sound appealing.

On other websites, like trust pilot and Reddit, there are no reviews about Haute In Couture. 

This is suspicious because every good or bad brand has reviews online.


Haute In Couture Beverly Hills seems like a suspicious brand because it copies designs of high-end brands. 

It does not have an “About Us” page, and no one on social media knows about it.

The age of the domain is not old either. The website was created in 2022, and there’s a high possibility that it is one of those scam websites that loot people and vanish once they are exposed. 

The lack of reviews makes the brand look even more suspicious.

So if you love your hard-earned money, we recommend you steer clear from Haute In Couture as it does not look legit.


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