Fashion Chingu is a brand that sells clothes that are inspired by K-pop fashion.

Fashion Chingu claims to sell authentic and high-quality products. However, is it a legitimate brand?

If you’re a Kpop fan and plan to purchase any item from Fashion Chingu, you might have questions about its legitimacy.

You might have questions like is Fashion Chingu a reliable brand? What do the customers tell about this brand? Moreover, is it an ethical brand?

In this article, we have described whether Fashion Chingu is a reliable brand or not. 

We have also answered some of the questions you might have about the legitimacy of the brand. Keep on reading to find out!

About Fashion Chingu 

Fashion Chingu was started by a German couple. Fashion Chingu started to sell clothing items that are inspired by K-pop idols.

The German couple who were fans of K-pop couldn’t find the clothing items that were worn by their favorite idols. If they could find the clothing items, the price would be very high.

That is why they decided to start a brand where people could easily find cheap clothing that was inspired by their favorite idols. 

Although Fashion Chingu sells affordable Korean clothes, it claims that it does not compromise the quality of these clothes.

Fashion Chingu has more than 70k followers on Instagram and also has thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

To make sure that the customer gets the right sized product for them, Fashion Chingu has a size chart on its website.

This size chart has sized in Asian sizes.

Fashion Chingu ships to different countries around the world. There are only a few companies that don’t deliver their products such as Serbia, India, Nepal, Chile, Brazil, etc.

If a customer still gets a wrong or damaged product and wants to return it, they can do it within 30 days of purchase. However, they’ll have to pay for the return charges.

This brand sells clothes that are inspired by BTS, BlackPink, Stray Kids, and many other Kpop groups.

Not only that, but they also have clothes that are inspired by characters of different Kdramas such as It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Hometown Cha Cha Cha, and many others.

Customers can also order a custom outfit or they can request an outfit by sending an email to Fashion Chingu.

What do the Customers Say About Fashion Chingu? 

The majority of the reviews that are given by customers on different review sites are positive.

Fashion Chingu has nearly 2000 reviews on its website. 83% of the customers have given a 5-star rating.

Many customers have also provided their pictures in the clothing items of Fashion Chingu.

A customer gave 5-star on the website and wrote that;

“I bought a jacket with only one loose button, and the staff replaced me with another new one. super customer service, 10/10.”

The reviews that are listed on the website show that Fashion Chingu is a legit company. Many companies buy fake reviews, but since the reviews also contain images it’s safe to say that it’s a legit brand.

If we move toward the review sites, Fashion Chingu has an average rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot. More than 500 customers have written their reviews on this review site.

76% of these customers gave 5-star ratings and wrote that it’s an excellent brand, while only 7% of the customers have given 1-star ratings. 

A satisfied customer of Fashion Chingu wrote that;

“Always received exactly what I ordered and on time. I love being able to purchase the kpop/kdrama pieces I want without spending all my money.”

The brand claims that they don’t compromise on the quality of their clothing items and a majority of the customers seem to agree with this statement.

One customer, who was satisfied with the quality of Fashion chingu’s clothes wrote;

“Really nice quality as usual and came quite quickly! Can’t recommend enough.”

Most of the unsatisfied customers complained that they were not satisfied with the return policy of Fashion Chingu as they had to pay for the shipping of returned products.

Other than the reviews of the customers, many influencers and YouTubers have also given reviews of the brand.

Many famous YouTubers such as Yoora Jung, Hana Lee, GZBKarma, Ashley Garcia, and many others have used the clothes of Fashion Chingu in their videos.

All of these positive reviews from the customers indicate that Fashion Chingu is a reliable company.

Where Does Fashion Chingu Manufacture its Clothes?

Fashion Chingu manufactures its clothes in China.

In the ‘FAQs’ section of the website, Fashion Chingu has written that they manufacture their products in China and ship them from their warehouse which is located in Wuhan.

Is Fashion Chingu Ethical? 

It is uncertain whether Fashion Chingu is an ethical brand or not because they are not transparent about its policies.

Fashion Chingu has not mentioned any steps it might have taken to be eco-friendly or to protect the rights of the workers. 

As mentioned earlier, Fashion Chingu manufactures its clothes in China. But they haven’t provided any information about their suppliers or manufacturers. 

They also haven’t shared their code of conduct or any regulations they might have to protect the right side of the garment workers.

Is Fashion Chingu Legit Brand?

Yes, Fashion Chingu is a legit fashion brand.

Thousands of customers have given positive reviews of the brand on the internet which shows that this brand is reliable.


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