The brand Cole Haan originally started off with the name Cole, Rood, & Haan. After one of the partners left, it was re-named Cole Haan for good. Founded back in 1928 as a mens’ shoe label in New York City. 

The brand started manufacturing shoes for men from premium quality leather and soon became one of the most “talked about” brands in the 20th century. Later on, they extended the business by introducing women’s footwear, ready-to-wear clothes, and also a kid’s line. In a short amount of time, Cole Haan became one of the most popular lifestyle brands in the US. 

Cole Haan became a major name in the fashion and retail world as it became a commercial success. The company also started to introduce sportswear later on as it was bought by Nike. Under Nike, the brand started manufacturing sports shoes, athletic wear, and various varieties of sports shoes. 

Nike no longer owns Cole Haan as in 2012 Apax bought the brand and to this date owns it. 

Is Cole Haan A Luxury Brand?

It is a known fact that the exclusivity of any product makes it a luxury. People of noticeable stature buying anything expensive and luxurious makes it not just a purchase but an investment. 

Along with the exclusive factor, quality goes hand in hand with it. Cole Haan is known for its utmost comfortable footwear and also because of the high-quality materials used. Each pair produced by the brand is not only visually amazing but also feather-like on the feet. 

People these days want to look fashionable but do not want to compromise their comfort. So Cole Haan is a go-to brand for millions of customers for this two-in-one footwear spot.

The high prices and great quality of the footwear make this a luxury brand. This brand is actually very expensive but again for good reasons. 

Each footwear article you see here is a work of art and phenomenal craftsmanship. 

High-quality products are a big deal nowadays. Cole Haan is big on three principles: price points, quality, and exclusivity.

Many fashion enthusiasts have Cole Haan footwear on their priority list. So when you shop here, you’ll definitely see high-quality materials, unique details, and some beautiful craftsmanship in every footwear article. 

What Makes Cole Haan Stand Out?

In 2008, Cole Haan, being a popular brand and understanding its impact, announced that it won’t be using real animal fur or materials to make any of its products. 

Cole Haan was actually one of the only brands in the industry that got rid of the animal-based products and took a step toward sustainability. And again after two years the brand also announced that it won’t be using any exotic animal’s skin for its leather-based products as well. 

You get shoes from here at different price points. So if you want to spend 100 dollars, you can also get some great quality shoes at Cole Haan. Although Cole Haan also has apparel for men, women, and kids it is mainly popular due to its footwear. 

The footwear found here is known for its good quality and durability. If you are getting an expensive pair of shoes you need to know that it will last long or cover the cost you’ve spent. 

Just like many lifestyle brands, over the years Cole Haan has collaborated with many artists and stars from different regions of the world. Back in 2009, Maria Sharapova, a Russian tennis superstar collaborated with Cole Haan to create a women’s shoe line for the fall and spring seasons 2009. 

The collection at the time included ballet flats, pumps, and also tennis shoes that had touches of highly feminine designs and touches. The best marketing was when the famous tennis star fronted the shoe collection at the brand herself. 

Another noticeable collaboration was with Todd Snyder, who is also a Council of Fashion Designers of America award nominee. He alongside the brand launched a men’s collection that actually featured designs related to the high-end origins of the brand. 

Now speaking of ballet, Cole Haan also collaborated with some talented and popular dancers from the New York City Ballet like Sara Mearns, Gretchen Smith, and Megan Fairchild. The brand launched a line of ballet flats for ballet lovers out there. 

Throughout the years since its origin, Cole Haan has been expanding with time due to popular demand. The physical stores of the footwear brand are now available in many countries like Thailand, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Philippines, China, and many others included. 

There are also many retailers that sell and have Cole Haan items at their physical stores. Some of the noticeable retailers are Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, and also Neiman Marcus. These retailers also have this footwear brand’s items on their e-commerce sites. 

Cole Haan also has the intention of expanding across Europe along with New Zealand and Australia as well. 

A brand that started off as just a men’s shoe wear business is now a very well-known lifestyle brand in the world. Cole Haan has been working towards making it possible for everyone to get the ultimate footwear experience. 

They try to live up to every consumer’s expectations with every collection being launched every season. The focus on the quality of making shoes better for everyone is a great focus for the brand than ever. 

Other than the price points, the brand is determined to provide a high quality of their products to make sure that the prices are justified. 

So next time you want to shop for good shoes and look for quality luxury, Cole Haan is the website or place you should be at every time. 

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