Harley Davidson is not just the most well-known motorcycle manufacturer; it is also one of the most legendary and idolized brands in human history. Harley-Davidson was founded in 1903 and was created in the new era of motorcycles.

Two pals teamed together and connected bicycles with cutting-edge motors, which led to the biggest invention of the century: motorcycles. Fans from all around the world went wild, and certainly even today everyone has the brands’ names sealed to their lips.

The founders of Harley Davidson are William S. Harley, Walter Davidson, Arthur Davidson, and William A. Davidson. Together, they have built a memorable brand name that has various subsidiaries located all over the world.

It’s no surprise that their annual income is above 4.054 billion USD! With the weight of such a commendable name, it is no surprise that Harley Davidson clothes are expensive too!

Yet, the question remains in many customers’ minds: Why Is Harley Davidson Clothing So Expensive?

Why Is Harley Davidson Clothing So Expensive?

Well, for starters the brand has an identity that has inspired millions of individuals globally and has won the hearts of passionate sportsmen and children.

Anything that Harley Davidson launches will be sold at a high price due to its inclination with the brand’s name and identity.

Any brand that is capable of attracting customers with just its call: you shouldn’t be surprised if its clothes are a bit on the pricey side.

Another prominent reason for Harley Davidson clothing to be costly is the high-quality manufacture of the apparel. The company ensures that every cloth has gone through a strict quality check and is made up of highly durable raw materials. 

What makes a Harley shirt valuable?

The whole concept of brand merchandise is to sell a concept. If you are wearing a Harley Davidson shirt, it’s evident that you are associated with the brand: everyone wants to be that!

This process is how brand personality and marketing are formed together to promote the brand to the customers.

Let’s also highlight Harley Davidson’s brand personality to further understand the shirt’s value. Harley-Davidson is a corporation that is well aware of who they are.

They’ve embraced its personality as a large, bold, and confident motorcycle corporation while retaining its identity as a rebellious brand devoted to the pursuit of freedom. 

Now, following this rule, consumers who are attracted to this rebellious concept become loyal and buy whatever they sell.

Having the merchandise of Harley Davidson is important, as they are not just selling motorcycles, they are also selling identity and brand. Therefore, Harley Davidson shirts are quite valuable and might even have more value as the company expands.

 Who makes clothes for Harley-Davidson?

Harley-Davidson harbors manufacturing factories in York, Pennsylvania, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kansas City, Missouri, Adelaide, Australia, Manaus, Brazil, and Bawal, India. As of 2018, it also has a presence in Thailand. 

But these aren’t the only places where they create their clothes. Many Harley fans have spoken out about their outsourcing of apparel and shoes and want them to change their manufacturing grounds to only the United States.

Another big contributor to Harley clothes is VF Image wear. It’s a part of VF Corporation that bought the majority of the assets of Harley-licensed Holoubek in Wisconsin five years ago to utilize its significant knowledge in design and production to make trendy clothes for the brand.

There are many manufacturers of Harley Davidson clothes, but all products are certainly dispatched from their warehouses in the United States.

 Is Harley-Davidson clothing made in the USA?

No, many of Harley Davidson’s clothing is outsourced from factories in various countries listed above.

Therefore, it is not likely that the brand has manufacturers located in the United States.

However, they have a department that strongly checks stocks to guarantee products that are not defective, and is up to the standards of the company.

 What is the average age of a Harley-Davidson owner?

Harley-Davidson’s customers are mostly men who can afford to acquire a high-priced motorbike. They invest in these expensive automobiles since riding is a passionate sport for them and they have a decent spare income.

These customers, however, are becoming older and losing interest in buying new motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson dealerships are booming. But there’s another alarming fact linked with these iconic motorcycles, especially if you don’t ride: The typical Harley-Davidson owner is 44 years old these days.

More than eight out of ten Harley-Davidson owners are above the age of 35, and nearly one in every five is 55 or older.

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