Pandora is one of the leading jewelry brands globally.

The brand is best known for its exquisite and exclusive designs of rings, bracelets, charms, and other ornamental items.

Founded in 1982 in Denmark, the brand now enjoys a massive loyal customer base because of its high-quality pieces at pocket-friendly prices.

Despite the popularity, customers always have problems with their ring sizes and have difficulty finding a size that truly matches.

I took a detailed look at the brand to determine if it really has a sizing problem. Here’s everything that I have found out about Pandora’s ring sizes.

Let’s dive in.

Should I size up for Pandora rings?

Since Pandora is a European brand, its sizing is also based on that region. If you are a US resident, you will find their sizes different from yours.

Compared to the US, Pandora’s sizes may be a little smaller. So, it’s better to go a size up while choosing your ring.

The brand recommends explicitly sizing up for stackable and wide shank rings.

Are Pandora ring sizes bigger?

Not really. The brand’s rings are usually true to size if you refer to the size chart and measure your finger size correctly.

If anything, their rings may run slightly smaller due to size chart differences across the world.

What if my Pandora ring is too small?

If your ring is too small, you don’t have to worry.

The brand has a 14 days exchange policy.

Just take the ring and the receipt to the store, or mail it to them. Your ring will be exchanged for the correct size.

How should a Pandora ring fit?

As mentioned above, Pandora’s ring fits true to size if measured correctly. You can find an accurate way of measuring your size on their website.

Do not measure your size when your hands are cold. For best results, measure when your fingers are at room temperature.

If all this measuring is a bothersome task for you, a more accessible alternative is available.

Just get the ring sizer from Pandora and follow the guidelines mentioned on the packaging.

It will give you the perfect measurement for your ring size.

Materials Used in Pandora Rings

The brand makes sure to use only high-grade materials for its products. It uses a variety of gemstones, such as diamonds, topaz, Quartz, zirconia, pearls, and imitation stones, in its intricately crafted designs.

The brand also uses non-conventional materials like leather, timber, and Murano glass. Here is a brief detail of the primary materials used by the brand.

  • Metals

Most of the Pandora rings are made of sterling silver which contains more than 90% of pure silver, and the rest is a mix of other metals, such as copper. The majority of this silver is obtained through recycled resources.

To avoid the silver from getting tarnished, the brand uses black rhodium plating. However, the brand encourages discoloration for some specific collections to give the jewelry a more vintage look.

In addition to silver, the brand also uses 14k gold. For their double-toned pieces, the brand uses a mix of both sterling silver and 14k gold in either yellow or pink shade.

There are some dedicated collections as well that contain mixed metals, such as Pandora Shine and Pandora Rose. Some of Pandora’s pieces also have palladium and 18k gold coating.

Lastly, none of their products contain nickel.

  • Jewels

Every piece of jewelry is carefully adorned with dazzling jewels. The brand normally uses artificial gems for its products. In some rare instances, it uses a few organic gemstones, like Quartz.

In addition to stones, the brand also uses high-grade cultivated pearls in its beautiful designs.

  • Imitation Stones

To cater to budget-oriented audiences, the brand uses synthetic stones to keep the prices affordable.

The brand also uses man-made stones, including artificial rubies, sapphires, zirconia, and quartzes. All of these stones are artificially crafted in laboratories to look like the original ones.

Occasionally, the brand also uses varnished mock pearls made of very glossy glass material. Not only do they look like genuine pearls, but they are also moisture and scratch-resistant.

Best Selling Rings by the Brand

While every other design by Pandora is breathtakingly gorgeous, you can’t have them all. I have listed down some of the most versatile designs that can be worn casually and occasionally.

Remember the infinity stones gauntlet from the Avengers movie? Well, this is the same thing but with a more practical design.

Made of 14k gold-plated material, this beautiful ring comes with 6 colorful synthetic gemstones, which mimic the stones in the original gauntlet.

What’s even more interesting is that the inner part of the ring has engravings stating every stone’s matching power: space, power, soul, time, reality, and mind.

Feeling like Thanos? Go ahead and snap!

This halo ring features a classic vintage design that will indeed remain evergreen. The ring is made of sterling silver and coated with 14k rose gold material.

The stunning piece of craftsmanship features tiny zirconia crystals all around its shank. It also contains a sizeable cube-shaped gem as a centerpiece.

You can wear this cocktail ring alone or pair it with some trendy-looking rings for a fresher look.

With its delicate design, this gorgeous band is one of my favorites. I mean, who doesn’t like heart-shaped jewelry?

The band features tiny hand-finished hearts all over it with bead embellishments. This multi-purpose ring is equally suitable for personal use or for gifting purposes. In fact, it is the best gift for someone you genuinely love.

Like most of the other products, the material of this ring is also sterling silver. The ring is pretty awesome on its own, but for a more contemporary look, I’d suggest you layer it up with a contrasting design.

This ring is pretty similar to the halo ring I mentioned above. It comes in both sterling silver finish and 14k gold-plated finish.

The ring boasts a striking crown-shaped design with a large square cut zirconia as a center stone. The handcrafted ring features numerous tiny translucent zirconia crystals on its shank too.

This regal-looking ring will make you feel like royalty in any attire.


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