In the olden times, kings used to showcase their power using their armies and wealth.

In the same way, different brands use their creativity in their logos to define the brand’s strengths and what it stands for!

Every logo has a specific meaning that the brand wants its consumers to know subconsciously.

In this article, we will be discussing brands that incorporate triangles into their logos.

Triangles standing on their base signify peace, strength, and stability.

Whereas triangles that are upside down signify unity among the chaos, the merger of the good and bad, equality, and more.

Let’s look at some clothing brands with triangles as their logos that have really stood out for what their logo depicts.


Known for its denim products with alluring advertisements, Guess has made a standout in the fashion industry.

The Guess logo has the word guess placed inside an inverted triangle with a question mark beneath it.

The words “USA”, “washed” and “jeans” are also placed inside the triangle.

They depict what the brand owners hoped to be known for and what they had originally started with.

The logo is far from the minimalistic designs that are more common these days.

It uses the old designs and fonts that were popular for well-known designer brands in the 1980s.

Guess offers a wide variety of products including clothes, shoes, handbags, and home accessories.

Guess’s products can be affordable, but some sit at the high-end range of the price tag.

Most of their products are made in China with different raw materials. For example, their handbags can be made up of leather, faux leather, and nylon.

Guess does not offer exclusive products, and often offers discounts and sales on its products.

However, Guess is still considered a luxurious brand, but not on par with Prada or Louis Vitton.

Guess’s products can cost you hundreds of dollars, which is the key factor in it being considered luxurious.

Apart from that, many celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner, have been seen wearing Guess. Plus, Guess also has a wide fan base.

While its materials and craftsmanship may not be that exclusive, its products and design are not anywhere near affordable.



You must have come across the brand PALACE by seeing its logo on the back of hoodies and shirts worn by skateboarders, teenagers, and even Jay-Z.

PALACE is a streetwear brand that Lev Tanju started in 2009.

Initially, PALACE began as a brand for skateboarders, but now, it’s a brand that has managed to encapsulate everybody. From teenagers to their dads, normal people to models, literally everyone can be seen wearing PALACE’s products.

PALACE’s logo was designed by Fergus Percell and the founder, Lev Tanju himself.

It was originally Lev’s idea to centralize the company’s logo around a triangle.

The most prominent part of the logo is the infinitely repeating pattern of the triangle. The continuous loop of the triangle signifies eternity and the brand’s continuous strive to change for the better.

PALACE offers various limited-edition collections of authentic, unique streetwear, which is why it is considered as one of the emerging high-end luxury brands.



Fila is an Italian sportswear apparel and shoe company, which was founded in 1922.

During its early years, Fila manufactured clothing types for the Alpine people, but later expanded its category and produced clothing for all types of people.

If you look closely at the brand’s logo, you will see the letter A written in the form of a triangle with curved edges. The triangle signifies durability and stability, whereas the curved edges point to the softer side of the brand.

Stability and durability are what most customers want from their brand, and Fila signifies it through its letter A.

Fila went downhill in the 1990s and was bought by one of its South Korean employees in 2007. It was after 2007 that with the help of some clever strategy and sheer luck, Fila was once again on its road to fame.

Fila has successfully regained its image as one of the historic, nostalgic European brands manufacturing excellent sports apparel and shoes.



There would hardly be a person who would not be knowing about the brand

Adidas. Literally, everybody is in a state of bewilderment while looking at their powerful and athletic products.

Just like their products, Adidas’ logo is also a masterpiece in itself.

The inclined triangle showcases a mountain, which is a depiction of all the hurdles that a mountaineer undergoes in order to fulfill his dreams.

The inclination of the triangle also showcases speed and swiftness, qualities much appreciated by sports freaks about their sporting goods.

Apart from their other sports goods, Adidas’ sportswear clothes are also one of the most used apparel by sportsmen and sportswomen alike.

Adidas’s clothing is well known for its high quality which keeps the wearer’s body cool, even after hours of performance.

Not to forget their clothing options make a person look dashing whatever the occasion might be.



Quicksilver is an Australian athletic clothing brand founded in 1969 by Alan Green and John Law. The company designs and manufactures clothes for mountaineers, snowboarders, and surfers.

They amalgamate craftsmanship, technology, fashion, and fit to manufacture clothes with durability, comfort, and ever-changing patterns and designs.

This is the reason why they are known as a brand depicting youth culture and lifestyle.

When you look at quicksilver’s logo you can see an ice-capped mountain surrounded by a cresting wave.

This logo was inspired by a Japanese wooden art piece that showcased Mount Fuji and a tropical storm wave.

The wave and the mountain symbolize excellence and quality. Quicksilver has been able to maintain the same high quality since its inception, which proves Quicksilver’s competence with its logo.

Quicksilver aimed to transform ordinary fabric into something extraordinary. Hence, the name of the brand was chosen accordingly.

Quicksilver is derived from an old alchemist’s term that was used to describe the process of metals changing into gold.

Today, Quicksilver is on the list of “world’s leading outdoor sportswear companies”. They have successfully managed to create fashionable, yet comfortable outdoor sportswear attire.

They are also quite famous amongst youngsters as they sponsor many international top athletes and events.



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