When it comes to designing logos, many look towards a deeper meaning to reflect what they want their company or brand to represent.

This is especially the case with clothing brands as they use their logos on their clothing articles so that they’re immediately recognized when their customers wear their clothing.

One of the most famous logo designs that brands use for their representation is animal logos.

Some businesses choose an animal logo in order to appear more friendly or approachable. Other businesses use animal logos in order to tap into customers’ primal emotions and instincts.

Animal logos can be very effective at creating a strong emotional connection with customers and helping a business stand out from its competitors.

And since brands are driven to prove their individuality in the market, they often choose such symbols so they can trademark them as their own.

Elephants, one of the most peaceful animals to exist, are symbolized as signs of fertility, wisdom, good luck, and protection.

Placing an image of an elephant in your house is said to attract good fortune and positive vibes into your household.

Such a symbol can also bring a positive image to a brand.

Another reason why many use the elephant as their logo is to raise awareness against poaching and other problems that are pushing these creatures towards endangerment.

In this article, we will be discussing various clothing brands that have an elephant logo.

We will also discuss what this means for the brand and what motivated these brands to use this animal as their symbol.

Pink elephant

A high fashion clothing brand based in Los Angeles, California, Pink Elephant sells a variety of clothing articles, including T-shirts, Hoodies, Denim Jackets, and Snapback caps.

All of these have a distinct front design print featuring a pink elephant sitting on its rear.

According to Pink Elephant, their brand is dedicated to impacting the planet positively and setting the newest trends while doing so.

One of the biggest problems faced in the animal world is the poaching of elephants for their invaluable tusks, which are then sold illegally as ivory trinkets.

Pink Elephant hopes to help stop this atrocious act and protect the elephants from poachers while also raising awareness about the treatment they face.

Thus, the pink elephant logo is boldly printed on their apparel.

Pink Elephant donates a percentage of its sales to organizations committed to protecting the elephants and helping curb their alarming extinction rate.

With every sale, Pink Elephant inspires many others to help protect these serene creatures and promises an utmost commitment to its mission.

Pink Elephant also hopes to grow exponentially, dividing its attention between the elephants and people and communities in need.

They hope to inspire change through style.

To support Pink Elephant and their cause, visit their website at: https://pinkelephantbrand.com.

Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella is a for-profit online clothing store owned by John Allen and other co-founders.

It is also affiliated with Save the Elephants, a wildlife conservation organization that specializes in protecting and rehabilitating elephants.

Ivory Ella sells a variety of clothes that have diverse, beautiful designs depicting elephants.

These designs are also representative of their motto, “save the elephants.”

Their motto, “Small steps, Big footprints,” is a big part of their movement.

They aim to inspire and motivate many to take small steps in the protection of wildlife- especially elephants, an endangered species that requires our immense help- to leave a bigger footprint in the future hopefully.

Ivory Ella sees elephants as intelligent, complex, and capable of strong emotions.

Unfortunately, due to poaching, the population of these majestic creatures has been reduced to very little.

Ivory Ella hopes to impact this problem and turn it into a favorable tide for the elephants.

Therefore, they work closely with Save the Elephants and try to create a responsible and sustainable design that can protect the elephants and help bring them back from the brink of extinction.

Follow their motto, and bring about a small change of your own by visiting their website at:


Jolly Elephant

With the increase in the problems faced by the environment and wildlife, many brands decided to raise awareness and money by selling clothing articles that depicted these problems.

These campaigns were wholly successful as many people bought and donated clothes and money to these organizations.

Jolly Elephant is one such brand that is dedicated to designing and selling carbon-negative and sustainable clothes.

It uses organic cotton and recycled materials, which is a positive step in decreasing the increase in pollution due to fast fashion nowadays.

Jolly Elephant is a brand committed to inspiring many to shape their lives with the ideals of an elephant: loyalty, creativity, strength, and empathy.

With this, they wish to encourage their customers to build a personal style that reflects their being and makes them comfortable in their skin.

Their proceeds are donated to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. When you buy and wear the Jolly Elephants clothing, you will be helping endangered species like elephants and many others.

Jolly Elephant aims to prevent the effects of the ivory trade and reduce the loss of habitat to protect the biodiversity of endangered habitats.

To learn more about their cause, visit their website at: https://www.jollyelephant.com.


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