Flowers are usually associated with beauty, passion, and delicacy.

They are used in many places for representation or expression, and logos are no exception.

A logo of any brand stands for its true identity, quality, and values.

Therefore, much precision and care go into crafting a good logo.

It helps potential customers and clients associate a certain image with the brand.

Logos also become the reason for a brand’s huge success when they are printed on blank clothes and retailed as exclusive merch.

This is especially true for the fashion and textile industry.

If you are interested in clothing brands with flower logos, then make sure to read this article till the end.

1. Empire Rose

Established in 1998 by Kathryn Cizeika, Empire Rose is a valuable asset to the Australian fashion industry.

The brand is most famous for its owner’s signature style and distinctive handwriting that is part of its collections.

Their items are incorporated with the perfect structure, volume, and texture to exude elegance and sophistication.

Beautiful jumpsuits, jackets, skirts, and dresses, all made with the highest quality and ethically sourced fiber, are available at Empire Rose.

All the products are designed and produced in-house at Cizeika’s North Fremantle studio and shop.

Check out their website: Empire Rose | Official Site & Online Store.

2. Rock Flower Paper

Rock Flower Paper is a company that exists ‘for the love of it all.

The brand’s creators are on a mission to benefit not only their customers’ lives but also the hands and communities that produce their products.

The apparel section of their store oozes variety. They have beach cover-ups, tunics, knit ponchos, and sleepwear. You name it!

They also have a collection explicitly dedicated to eco-friendly products that helps the planet and looks excellent.

The brand is committed to offering well-priced high-quality goods while ensuring that its products are made responsibly.

They also deal in jewelry and bags manufactured with sustainable products.

Check out their website: rockflowerpaper – Clothing, Totes, Home Decor & Accessories …

3. Soul Flower

Soul Flower defies itself as a natural clothing brand for kind souls and free spirits.

Inspired by the simplicity of everyday life, their products are made with natural fibers, heartfelt art, and, most importantly, kind vibes.

Organic cotton basics or recycled fibers, you can always rest assured that the brand carries natural fibers made in a positive manner.

The talented designers carefully craft designs featuring fantastic artwork with deep meanings at Soul Flower.

A beautiful collection of quality apparel for men, women, and even children awaits everyone at their store.

All the products are a great testament to the brand’s commitment to an eco-friendly and organic lifestyle.

Check out their website: Soul Flower: Hippie Clothes | Boho Clothing | Hippie Store.

4. Cotton Flower Clothing

Cotton Flower Clothing originated in 2014 from a woman’s desire for comfortable and elegant yoga clothes.

The brand aims to cultivate a strong connection with one’s femininity and mother earth through its earthen clothes.

All the clothes are manufactured in Northern Thailand by three women-owned small businesses.

They are made with soft, strong-woven cotton, styled to conform to your unique shape and provide maximum comfort.

If you are a fan of flowy fabrics, then their clothes will surely match your taste.

Most of the clothing items at Cotton Flower are unisex, but they also have a masculine collection that is all about simplicity and comfort.

They also offer wholesale items, though on an extremely limited basis.

Check out their website: Cotton Flower Clothing: Cotton Flower Home.

5. Rose London

Established in 2012, Rose London is a renowned clothing brand in the UK.

It is a leading designer of contemporary streetwear style clothing and aspires to deliver next-level designs.

High-quality hoods, sweatshirts, jackets, and t-shirts are some of the many products in their large inventory.

Their denim collection is full of a variety of jeans, shorts, and denim jackets made with 100% organic cotton in different colors.

You can also shop for caps and other accessories, such as wallets and bags, at Rose London.

The brand prides itself in its customer service and offers worldwide shipping along with a flexible 30-day return policy.

Check out their website: Rose London.

6. May Flower Clothing

May Flower Clothing came to be as a result of a young woman’s raw passion for sewing.

It was established in 2006 as a small-scale business, and it wasn’t until 2017 that it became popular.

They boast beautiful fabrics that are carefully selected and hand-sewn by the four seamstresses at home in Natal Midlands.

Some of the products featured in their catalog are;

  • Maxi dress
  • Capsleeve dress
  • Comfy pants
  • Kids pajamas
  • Tiered dress
  • Paper bag shorts

All the clothes at May Flower are made to order, so you will not have to worry about getting the wrong size.

If you are a retailer and want to stock the May Flower Clothing range in your space, then you can benefit from their wholesale section.

Check out their website: May-Flower Clothing for women and children.


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