Toast is a fashion and home decor brand that was founded in 1997 in West Wales. The brand started off as a small pajamas store up in Wales and ever since then it had the intention to stay. 

The company has definitely worked on expanding over the years without missing out on good quality for a long-term impact. This fashion brand is all about giving its consumers functional designs and high-quality artisan products. 

One thing is for sure this brand is expensive and luxurious for many reasons that we are going to look into.

Toast is one of a kind brand since it has its own pattern room which you don’t see that often and it is commendable. It started small and now it curates and creates simple and functional clothing, editorial, and also homeware. 

Once you check out the entire collection you would get a very indie vibe which is a very pleasing aesthetic. The beauty of this one is in simplicity and nothing that is over the top yet screams that it is going to be expensive. 

The creative minds here believe that for something to be worth all it has to be of good quality and style that keeps it light and breathable for you to experience. Since the brand has expanded ever since its inception, you can find its multiple stores across the UK, US, and also Europe. 

The brand has its own private production which means each and everything is manufactured in-house. This not only sets a great bar for the quality but also develops a level of trust among regular consumers and new ones.

Who Owns Toast Clothing Brand?

The brand was founded by Jamie and Jessica Seaton. As of now the CEO of this brand is Suzie de Rohan Willner. 

Where Are Toast Clothes Manufactured?

Toast began its clothing line with loungewear and nightwear that was designed and manufactured in a farmhouse in its hometown Wales. The collection was all about keeping it simple and comfortable that depicted a more easy-going way of lifestyle.

The heart of design here lies within the perfection of traditional craftsmanship and high-quality materials being used in the making of these clothes. The designers here collaborate with artisans and stylists around the world to create the perfect aesthetic it takes pride in. 

The brand believes in going to any extent for handmade pieces and original fabric if it is block printing or weaving from India, indigo dying fr Japan, or just shoe making from Northamptonshire. 

The brand takes care of each and every step of the process and values the hard work being poured into these clothes by artisans from all over the world. 

The pieces being manufactured here are made sure to have a timeless effect that reflects each and every effort that is involved within. These pieces do show longevity and timeless styles but with a touch of modernity to keep the magic alive so there is everything for everyone. 

What Brands Are Like Toast?

So if you are really into some indie kinds of brands that are all about traditional craftsmanship and keeping the quality alive, you can always check out other brands just like Toast.

Veryan Studio is a solid option to go for since you get the comfortable vibe and simple designs yet elegant that is just right. Plus points for this one because this brand is also sustainable and you can get curated collections on its website and in stores as well. 

This brand in particular specializes in linen and cotton accessories so you can always match and pick out your favorites. 

Plumo is another amazing brand that has got the same solid and comfortable vibe that you have been looking for. The clothes here stand out and since it is a family-run organic business, you know you are going to be stepping into the quality and nothing less.

There are many other brands that have kept their organic face in this day and age when everything is about fast trends and styles. You can get style here as well but it is always going to be something that sets you apart from the rest of the brands. 

So if you are up for shopping from this brand, you need to know that you won’t be disappointed with the quality or comfort Toast promises its consumers. 

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