Clothing is an identity for people and a brilliant way for people to express themselves to the world. It may just be a piece of a different fabric, but still holds the highest amount of exports and imports globally.

In society, clothes are very crucial, and how one dresses attracts people to them. Everyone desires to be the best dressed, if not to impress others then to feel good about their selves in public. 

However, certain clothes and shoes are extremely specific and expensive. Filson is one of the brands that have highly-priced clothes, but their sales never drop. In this article, you can find out why exactly Filson’s clothing is so expensive and is it justified?

Filson is a well-known brand that has been producing high-quality products since 1897. The company embodies American culture and represents a reflection of the true traditions of the country.

They are known for high-quality, long-lasting clothes and bags. Filson is also considered the industry’s top outfitter and manufacturer of reliable outdoor gear.

Anglers and hunters, engineers and explorers, seafarers and miners, generally love shopping from their outlets! If you love the outdoors, and cannot stay indoors, then these brands of clothes will speak to you.

Why is Filson expensive?

Every clothing is assessed by its materials, stitching, and value in the fashion industry. The answer to this question is high-quality clothing, and the appreciation of hardworking employees sitting behind the manufacturing machines and handcrafted items.

Filson’s clothing is majorly made up of a specific Bridle leather which is an expensive raw material but makes the finished clothing to be quite strong and durable for use.

Bridle leather also requires a more labor-intensive production process to finally be used by the company. Bridle leather is soft, beautiful, and durable.

Technically, bridle leather is referred to as the piece of leather (cowhide) which is at the tannery. The flesh and grain sides of bridle leather are filled with greases and polished with wax.

 This enables the leather to be more flexible and also produces products that are less receptacle to breakage. The whole process is quite costly, therefore the manufacturing costs also are a reason behind the high price of the clothes.

Bridle leather is used on every Filson bag or luggage, as well as its accessories such as wallets. In the end, high quality also entails a greater price, and people are certainly getting a good piece of clothing for the money.

 Who wears Filson?

The majority of Filson’s clothes are targeted at men who love going outside and appearing masculine and sturdy. Their whole image of clothing is appreciated by men who love to hunt, fish and explore the world.

Many explorers, seafarers, miners, and engineers love stoking up their wardrobe with Filson’s clothing as it’s highly durable in the outdoors, and won’t easily break and cause wrinkles to the leather.

In a report, it’s revealed that Filson’s main target audience is men aged around 35 to 55 years old who have a yearly household income above $100,000. 

 Is Filson an ethical company?

Filson is a sustainable business that focuses on producing long-lasting products that don’t need to be frequently replaced! Their manufacturing department administers many eco-friendly protocols and rules to ensure the environment is protected.

The company does believe in making the world a better place to live in, therefore their use of high-quality materials is to step away from the fast fashion industry. 

If you are interested in purchasing aesthetic clothing that is also made to last forever, then Fison is a brilliant choice. Bridle-quality leather, durable waxed cotton, and merino wool are all highly durable, and there’s no need to throw away anything that can still be used for years!

 Where are Filson clothes made?

Filson’s clothes are manufactured in the United States, and its headquarters is based in Seattle, Washington. The area is famous for its production of fabric and high-quality clothing, and is a favorite spot for many American-based apparel businesses!

For the past 118 years, Seattle is the home for all of Filson’s production and continues to amaze people with its finished products.

There are also two other factories of Filson, one based in the city, and the other in Post Falls, Idaho.

If you love leather clothing and love doing outdoor activities, then Filson is an ideal brand solution for all your worries about the wardrobe.

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