Turkey has a market for bead supplies and bead products such as fine jewelry and prayer bracelets. The country even has manufactured beads specific to their cultures and requirements of jewelry such as the evil eye bead. 

The list below showcases a few bead vendors from Turkey that are quite popular and reliable. This list will help guide you towards the most fitting bead vendor for your business requirements.

List Of Wholesale Beads Vendors In Turkey:

  • Bonchuk Pazari
  • Angel Bag Accessory
  • Silveran
  • Rain Accessory
  • Kenanmakrome

1. Bonchuk Pazari

Bonchuk Pazari also known as Yildiz Beads was initiated in 1980 as the primary manufacturer of evil eye beads. They further expanded their business towards more beaded ready-made jewelry and bead supplies.

The company has a large showroom based in Istanbul at the Guvener Business Center. You can visit their showroom and see the variety of bead products available in their inventory: all of the high-quality materials with long durability.

Bonchuk Pazari provides wholesale retailers with a platform where they can find discounted bead products at reasonable rates. Some of their bead products include Glass Beads, Wooden Beads, Metal Beads and Plastic Beads.

Contact Info:

Phone: +90 212 369 81 57 / +90 553 910 01 99

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://boncukpazari.com/

Address: Tahtakale cad. Güvener Business Center Ground Floor & Basement Floor No:14 D:2/114 Eminönü, Istanbul, Turkey.

2. Angel Bag Accessory

Angel Bag Accessory is an Ankara-based wholesale business that centers around the distribution of various accessories, ornaments, and bead supplies. Their product lists include all the best bags, wallets, handles, locks, phone covers, and decorations.

Accessories are a valuable product for people as they rely on them to make their life easier, thus Angel Bag ensures customization of bags and covers into any size and color too. They want to guarantee that the customer has the accessory accustomed to their needs perfectly.

Angel Bag Accessory also has an Instagram link to their website where you can witness all their products in stock. They have pictures with details about their products, so it’s easier for customers to see the products before coming all the way to purchase them in person.

Contact Info:

Phone: +905-4332-60300

Website: https://www.angelcantaaksesuar.com/

Address: Kirkkonaklar Mah. 314 ave. no:18, EU Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey.

3. Silveran

Silveran is a family-owned business built by a Silversmith named Burhanettin Oztop who was born in 932 in Gaziantep Turkey. Although he has passed away in 2006 he left his following generations an amazing workshop in Grand Bazaar full of various supplies of beads and jewelry.

The wholesale business was officially established in 1995 and focuses on distributing aesthetic and hand-crafted jewelry to customers and bulk buyers in Turkey.

Silveran features a number of bead products like Sterling Silver Beads, Gold Beads, Rose Gold Beads, Worry Beads, Fine Silver Beads, and many more forms of silver beads!

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.silveran.com/

4. Rain Accessory

Rain Accessory is a huge bead shop located in the Rustem Pasa District in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The shop is famous due to its grandeur structure and attractive wholesale prices.

Many locals and tourists in Turkey visit this shop to explore the variety of options of bead jewelry and supplies. Their customers are from all over Turkey including retailers, jewelry manufacturers, and resellers.

Rain Accessory’s shop is open from Monday to Saturday making it a great choice to visit on weekends for working individuals and businesses! They have a lovable staff at their shop who are always ready to answer questions and help customers.

Contact Info:

Phone: (0212) 514 93 66

Website: https://yagmur-aksesuar.business.site/

Address: Rustem Pasa District, Sabuncu Hani Street Bead Han D:2/9, 34116 Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey

5. Kenanmakrome

Kenanmakrome is a large-scale business that focuses on sourcing exquisite accessories and jewelry supplies from high-end brands and manufacturers. They sell their products to interested customers and shop owners who handcraft jewelry or are looking for wholesale prices.

Kenanmakrome’s product categories include Metal Accessories, Bag Supplies, Evil Eye Beads, Fabric Dyes, and Paracord. Their Bead Collection is quite in-demand due to its high durability and good quality.

Their beads collection includes Plastic Beads, Fish Beads, Wooden Beads, and Tree Beads. You can find them all on their website listed below or go to their shop in Istanbul and see their collection and choose the most suited one for your supplies!

Contact Info:

Phone: 0212-522-2322

Website: https://www.kenanmakrome.com/

Address: Tahtakale Cad. Güvener İş Hanı No:14 K:1/11-C Eminönü, Istanbul, Turkey.

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