Wooden Beads are increasing in demand in the industry with every passing day due to their high flexibility and affordable costs.

They are also extremely adaptable with other materials such as wires and threads making them a valuable raw material for many forms of jewelry.

Wooden beads have numerous uses such as garments designs, decoration, crafting, and as an art supply. Many retailers and resellers buy them in bulk from trustworthy vendors.

If you live in the United Kingdom, then you’re in luck! There is a list below containing several amazing wooden beads vendors that can help you get high-quality products at the best wholesale prices.

List Of Wholesale Wooden Beads Vendors In UK:

  • Beads
  • Bijoux Beads
  • Beadaholics
  • Beads Unlimited
  • Burhouse Limited
  • The Bead Store Ltd
  • Charming Beads
  • Bead Crazy
  • Bead Solutions
  • The Crafting Beggar

1. Beads

 Beads were established in 1988 as a renowned supplier of beads in the market. They aim to provide customers with a variety of bead products at competitive prices and affordable wholesale offers. 

The company centers on soucing and manufacturing authentic and high-quality raw materials for jewelry crafters and other jewelry businesses. They also offer exclusive deals, coupons, and regular sales to crafting shops, market vendors, resellers, and wholesale customers.

Contact Info:

Phone: +44 (0) 1704 575 461

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.beads.co.uk/

Address: P J Beads Ltd, 1st Floor, Mill 7, Mabgate Mills, Leeds, LS9 7DZ, United Kingdom.

2. Bijoux Beads

Bijoux Beads was founded in 2000 in Shaftesbury mainly as a wholesale supplier of beads to different types of vendors, jewelry manufacturers, crafters, schools, and other bead sellers in the area.

You can find a range of wooden beads on their website in different colors, sizes, and shapes. The company strives to formulate a vast warehouse for beaded products that are sourced from high-quality bead brands. Their beads are built with concrete materials that are flexible and available in a variety of options.

Contact Info:

Phone: 01747855101

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.bijouxbeads.co.uk/

Address: Willow, 9 High Street, Shaftesbury, SP7 8JS.

3. Beadaholics

A platform where you can attain all your desired beaded jewelry and raw materials in brilliant quality. Beadaholics is your go-to one-stop service for a haven of beaded supply in the market. From Arxlyyrix beads to ceramic, chips, glass, wooden, and findings: they have it all.

Beadaholics is also affiliated with popular brands and companies all around the world to create a space where beaded lovers can connect and get their hands on the best supplies from all around the world. There is also variety in their stock due to the global partnerships.

Contact Info:

Phone: 0121 240 7574

Website: http://www.beadaholics.co.uk/

Address: 142 Appleton Ave, Great Barr, Birmingham, B42 5NB.

4. Beads Unlimited

Beads Unlimited started with a small store named the Brighton Bead Shop in 1986 as a venture that provided beads supplies to the nearest stores, vendors, and craftsmen who wanted to make beaded jewelry.

Beads Unlimited quickly gained popularity and transformed into a leading wholesale supplier in the industry. They offered exquisite beads that were not easily found in the region. Their collection of wooden beads also is quite affordable and has varying types.

Contact Info:

Phone: +44 (0)1273 740777

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.beadsunlimited.co.uk/

Address: Unit 26 Mackley Industrial Estate, Henfield Road, Small Dole, Henfield, West Sussex, BN5 9XR.

5. Burhouse Limited

Burhouse Limited is a prodigy of chairman Clinton Burhouse in 1968, who initiated this venture as a student studying in London. The business started with the bulk supply of semi-gemstones as that was the hype in the market at that time.

After 1974, the market drastically changed requiring more jewelry-based vendors and wholesale suppliers that produced high-quality products. This initiated the bead collections at Burhouse Limited due to their significance in the jewelry industry. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 01484 485100

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.burhousebeads.com/

Address: Quarmby Mills, Tanyard Road, Oakes, Huddersfield, West, Yorkshire, HD3 4YP.

6. The Bead Store Ltd

The Bead Store Ltd is a highly reputable business in the United Kingdom that offers a vast supply of TierraCast products sourced from America. Their inventory is filled with amazing types of beads that are beautiful and available in multiple sizes in color.

If you are seeking a wholesale vendor that focuses on providing the best affordable prices for a large number of beads, then this store is an option that is a must to consider.

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.thebeadstore.co.uk/

Address: Unit 4, West Calder Business Centre, 6 Dickson Street, West Calder EH55 8DZ, West Lothian, United Kingdom.

7. Charming Beads

A space for all crafting lovers to find everything related to the supplies and tools of beads. Beaded jewelry and products are a crucial element of crafting, thus they are in great demand by experts and even children learning to develop their craft skills in schools.

Charming Beads was created in 2011 by Paul who envisioned a website that catered towards the wholesale supply of various gemstones, beads, tools, ready-made jewelry, charms, pendants, and crafting tools. They are one of the best supplies in Wales and highly appreciated by their loyal customers.

Contact Info:

Phone: 01600 715099

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.charming-beads.co.uk/

Address: Singleton Court, Monmouth, Wales, NP25 5JA.

8. Bead Crazy

Bead Crazy is a premium supplier of jewelry products and its supplies to the people in the United Kingdom. Their popularity in Scottland is extremely significant due to their excellent services and amazing staff that is always ready to answer queries.

Bead Crazy offers many types of beaded jewelry and raw materials such as wood, glass, charm, metal, zodiac sign beads, hanger, rhinestones, and seed beads. They are a perfect choice if you are looking for a variety of beads, including wooden ones.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.beadcrazy.co.uk/

9. Bead Solutions

Bead Solutions solves all your problems by providing exceptional quality beads at a really low price for wholesale customers! They believe in the art of craftsmen and jewelry production and want to contribute by providing high-end raw materials for business.

Their website displays an array of wooden beads that are durable and look beautiful as accessories on apparel, shoes, and even jewelry. Their goal is to join hands with all beading companies and boost the market with beaded supply sourced from recognizable brands to small businesses and vendors looking for them.

Contact Info:

Phone: 0044 (0) 1803 552072

Website: https://www.beadsolutions.co.uk

Address: 13 Seaway Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 2NX, United Kingdom.

10. The Crafty Beggar 

A website that not only offers bead supplies but also features a number of blogs that can help customers create their own beaded jewelry and products.

The Crafty Beggar also offers free postage for orders over £25 and has frequent sales on their website for every holiday in the country to give wholesale customers changes to buy products at inexpensive costs.

Contact Info:

Phone: 01579 345415

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://thecraftybeggar.co.uk/

Address: 14 Courtney Road, Liskeard, PL14 3NP.

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