It is recommended that when purchasing jewelry, you must explore wholesale fashion jewelry. Choosing this category will provide you with numerous benefits.

It’s important to note that wholesale gold jewelry is of high quality, available at reasonable rates. You should be aware of some of the advantages of purchasing wholesale jewelry as a customer.

When products are purchased in bulk, the cost of each product in the package is reduced. You should also learn to distinguish between high-quality wholesale and low-quality products.

To help you avoid becoming a victim of a con, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 wholesale 14K gold chain jewelry suppliers for jewelry making.

List of the top 7 wholesale 14k gold chains for jewelry making:

  • Mary’s Wholesale Plated Chains
  • Jewelry Supply.Com
  • AZ Findings
  • Harper Crown
  • Beads Creation 4U
  • Europa Jewelers
  • Nina Designs

1. Mary’s Wholesale Plated Chains

Mary’s Wholesale Jewelry is an elite fashion jewelry wholesaler. Mary’s wholesale gold plated chains are major wholesalers in the category of fashion jewelry and accessories. They aim to provide the most up-to-date jewelry trends at reasonable pricing.

Their jewelry is of the highest quality and the most affordable in the United States. They deliver chains in 14 KT gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and rhodium plating, as well as necklaces and bracelets.


4 warren Ave North Providence RI 02911

Contact Info:

Phone: (844) 255-2109


2. Jewelry

They are a jewelry supply wholesaler based in the Sacramento area of California. For over 38 years their mission has been to provide the greatest products, the best prices, and the best service to its consumers.

They provide quantity discounts so you can buy high-quality chains in bulk. 14k yellow gold plated, sterling silver, sterling silver-filled chain, and more wholesale chains are available at inexpensive wholesale costs.


1143 N. Market Blvd. #1 Sacramento, CA 95834

Contact Info:

Phone: (916) 780-9610


3. AZ Findings

In the United States, AZ Findings is a prominent wholesale company for jewelry chains, gemstones, and other supplies.

They collaborate closely with manufacturers to bring their custom-designed items to market and pass on the most competitive prices to their clients. 

In the United States and around the world, AZ Findings today proudly supports a huge number of jewelry enterprises, designers, and retailers. 

They provide a wide range of chains. Necklace chains, bracelet chains, and anklet chains are all available in a variety of patterns and materials. All of the completed chains they sell are designed and manufactured in Italy by top manufacturers.


Unit 112 615 Main Street Niagara Falls, NY 14302 United States

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-888-500-1586


4. Harper Crown

Harper Crown provides a wide range of gold pieces of jewelry. From their beautiful chains assortment, you can buy the chains you want in bulk and at wholesale prices. They bring polished chains that are cut to order and sold individually.

Their collection has wide range of designs, whether you’re seeking delicate hoop chains or cutting-edge twisting chains. 


5. Beads Creation 4U

Beads Creation 4U was started in Los Angeles with the aim that they will deliver stunning jewelry creations with high-quality materials and with trending designs.  

Their designer-artist handpick beads and pieces of jewelry from various countries across the world. They offer 14K gold necklaces in a variety of patterns at a reasonable price.

All of their products are devoid of lead, cadmium, and nickel. Their main purpose is to meet the needs of their consumers and provide them with products according to their requirements. 


Los Angeles, CA


6. Europa

At wholesale pricing, they have a large selection of 14K gold chains and necklaces. Each piece of jewelry they deliver has been hand-picked to satisfy the highest standards of quality. They sell 14K gold chains in bulk to the general public at reasonable prices.

Because of their strong relationships with manufacturers both domestically and internationally, they can offer their valued customers discounts. They stand by their policy, which is based on low pricing at huge volume sales. 


Address: 608 South Hill Street Los Angeles CA 90014


7. Nina Designs

Nina Design provides wholesale jewelry with unique designs and aims to provide excellent customer service. They provide jewelry chains in sterling silver, 14k gold plate, gold-filled, or brass. 

They have one-of-a-kind styles of jewelry chains that are essential jewelry-making supplies. These supplies are required for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Their handcrafted jewelry chains are extremely rare and beautiful. 


1000 Pardee St Berkeley, CA 94710

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-800-336-6462


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