Whether you’re spending a lot of money on a bedazzled gold ring or ordering a handmade locket, you want to make sure the piece you get is of the highest quality possible.

Sydney has quick access to gemstone markets and valuable metals. The thriving import industry means that gemstones of all kinds are plentiful, allowing designers to be creative. Below is the list of the best jewelry manufacturers in Sydney.

List of the top 7 jewelry manufacturers in Sydney:

  • La Taine Jewelry 
  • Grew and Co
  • J and C Manufacturing Jewelers
  • I. Schlanger and Son
  • Chris Lewis Jewelers
  • Palloy
  • Errai Jewelry 

1. La Taine Jewelry

La Taine Jewelry has been in the bustling area of Chatswood. La Taine Jewelry creates each piece of jewelry to fulfill clients’ requests, including engagement rings, wedding rings, and exceptional handcrafted items that can be passed down generations. 

At La Taine Jewelry, customers can get their jewelry professionally cleaned and checked. La Taine Jewelry allows buyers to collaborate with a jeweler to create a high-quality personalized piece of jewelry. 

They manufacture pieces like a bracelet, earrings, or pendants made of colored diamonds, white diamonds, or gemstones. La Taine Jewelry selects only the finest natural gemstones and diamonds to ensure that their customers are constantly satisfied.


Shop L 204, Chatswood Chase 345 Victoria Avenue Chatswood, NSW 2067


Tel: 1300 877 392



2. Grew and Co

Grew & Co adheres to the high jewelry standards in the international jewelry market by producing everything in-house. Founder Simon Grew made the conscious decision to house the workshop on the premises.

With a background as a traditional jewelry producer, Grew and Co are proud of a team that produces handcrafted designs using purely local materials.

Their highly experienced staff will begin constructing your bespoke item once you’ve confirmed the design and purchase your stone with a 50% payment.

Each stage of the manufacturing operation is precise, requiring a refined level of execution and knowledge. They design intending to make beautiful and meaningful jewelry that will be cherished by the customers.


SYDNEY Shop 103, 161 Clarence Street Sydney 2000 NSW


Tel: 02 9221 0088



3. J and C Manufacturing Jewelers

Greg, the owner, and jeweler began his career in 1981 and now has over 30 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and repairing jewelry. J & C Manufacturing Jewelers are Antwerp Diamond Brokers. 

They are experts in the diamond evaluation and buy from Antwerp, Belgium.  They can assist you with design ideas for your jewelry piece. 

You will have an opportunity to design a unique jewelry masterpiece with the help of an experienced craftsman and a large design library. They also offer watch and jewelry repair, as well as jewelry cleaning and restoration services.


26 Semaphore Rd Semaphore SA 5019


Tel: +61 8 8341 5158



4. I. Schlanger and Son

I.Schlanger and Son focus on high-quality diamonds, and their dedication shows through their never-ending quest to offer the best deals. I. Schlanger and Son keep their costs as minimal as possible. 

They do so by traveling to various countries to find the finest diamonds and provide the best jewelry at affordable rates. Their company designs and manufactures all of its jewelry in Australia.

They understand their clients’ need for flair and elegance and take pride in providing excellent customer service, which is why they have grown their business through recommendations from their loyal customers.


70 Castlereagh St, Suite 803, 8t hFloor, Sydney NSW 2000


Tel: 0408963633



5. Chris Lewis Jewelers 

Chris Lewis Jewelers is noted for their utmost precision and years of experience in handcrafting exquisite jewels.

Platinum, one of the most durable metals accessible, is utilized in many of their engagement pieces, and it is a beloved metal in the Chris Lewis catalog.

Chris Lewis, a certified craftsman, not only designs bespoke jewelry but also provides renovation and repair services. Over the years, they have collaborated with several clients to create engagement rings, wedding bands, and jewelry presents.

Chris Lewis Jewelers manufactures and designs numerous types of jewelry, but concentrates on manufacturing attractive rings and has become known for high-quality engagement rings as a result. 


Gladesville Shopping Village, Shop 5A, 1-7 Flagstaff Street, Gladesville, NSW, 2111 Australia


Tel: 02 9816 3337



6. Palloys

Palloys is owned and run by the Pallion Group, an Australian corporation that also owns and manages ABC Refinery. Palloys customers benefit from this direct contact since they obtain the highest quality Australian gold.

It is both globally certified and sustainably sourced, all refined in Sydney, Australia.

Palloys has always sought to provide the highest level of customer service and is currently Australia’s only producer and wholesaler of jewelry, approved by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). 

Its main aim is to provide comfort and the best services to their customer. Through the ‘Create Design Brief’ site, you may connect directly with their designers, watch the development of your jewelry making, command modifications and alterations too.


Suite 508, Level 5 155 King Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia


Tel: 1300 886 108



7.Errai Jewelry 

They can meet all of your jewelry needs because each piece is handcrafted and manufactured according to their customer’s demands. Each artwork is truly one-of-a-kind. Errai understands the significance of finding the ideal stone. 

They only buy GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified conflict-free diamonds to ensure their quality and authenticity. To create their jewelry, Errai only collaborates with the best traditionally trained artisans.


Level 32, 200 George Street Sydney NSW 2000


Tel: (02) 8277 4122



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