You must have seen many pieces of jewelry endorsed as PD, but you don’t get what the engraving means. This article intends to give you some worthwhile information about what PD means on a ring.

Are you thinking to buy a new ring? When buying jewelry, you have to consider the authenticity of the product rather than just searching for stunning designs.

Once you discover a ring incised with PD, it simply means that the item is concocted with palladium. The ring might be silver with palladium or it is silver coated with palladium. In other words, silver has been alloyed with palladium.

Palladium is a lustrous white metal. The origin of this metal is Russia and South Africa and is taken out as a byproduct in the mining of platinum and nickel.

How much is a Pd ring worth?

In today’s market, palladium is one of the most precious metals. It has a close similarity with platinum, but it is less costly, thinner, and fifteen times rarer than platinum. Palladium has now become more valuable as compared to platinum. 

Pricing for palladium rings relies on the stone size. On average, costs fall around $ 2,000. If you are looking for a palladium ring, go for a smaller diamond or gemstone.

Is palladium good for jewelry?

Palladium tolerates discoloring and is pretty stable under most conditions. Moreover, it is scratch resistant. Here are some of the reasons why palladium is good for jewelry:

  • Palladium captivates consumers in the same way as platinum because it is a genuine material that is not assembled or man-made.
  • It is 40% lighter than platinum, as massive stones can be installed in a palladium structure and the ring won’t feel extremely hefty to the wearer.
  • It is also preferable because it’s a nickel-free metal and is hypoallergenic, so people don’t face disappointing experiences of allergies while using palladium.
  • Palladium rings are composed of 95% pure palladium which means that they don’t contain the metals that cause silver to tarnish.
  • Palladium is durable and it is one of the strongest metals used for wedding rings.
  • It is considered to be a softer metal, but it is still much harder than gold, which entrusts more protection against collision and enormous resistance to denting.

What does 14K Pd mean?

14k Pd contains 58.5% pure gold and is incorporated with other metals to make them more white in color. 14k palladium white gold encompasses gold, copper, silver, and platinum.

14 k Pd indicates that the item is made up of 14 karat palladium and not just plated with palladium. A plated piece of jewelry has a very thin layer of metal as compared to pure jewelry.

Jewelry can be made from various metals, each piece is engraved to underline its metal quantity. These abbreviations are important for understanding the values and characteristics of palladium 


By learning what PD means on a ring and after knowing how to differentiate between original PD jewelry and palladium plated ones, you will save yourself from frittering your money on unauthentic products.

Having knowledge about the engravings inside the rings is extremely important to not only purchase the right product for yourself but also protect yourself from scammers. 

However, there are some individuals who falsely add the engravings to fool customers so make sure you get your jewelry test.

Now that you have complete knowledge about what you are looking for, continue to go shopping for the next item in your jewelry box.

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