Who doesn’t love a little bit of jewelry, am I right? They make for a perfect gift, not just for others but for yourself as well. Many people show their love through jewelry and a lot more design it themselves as a hobby.

As a whole, jewelry has a very essential role in every person’s life. People either love it or are just flattered when someone gifts them a unique piece.

Australia has a rich market for all jewelry lovers and there are many wholesale suppliers in the industry which love to cater to every demand which comes their way.

Mentioned below are some of the best wholesale suppliers of jewelry in Brisbane, Australia. Read the full article to find out more about each one of them.

List of Wholesale Suppliers of Jewelry in Brisbane

  • Palloys
  • Salt Wholesaling
  • Belbury Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Jewelry Centre Australia 
  • Sapphire Export       

1. Palloys

Introduced in 1951, Palloys is one of the very few jewelry wholesale suppliers in Australia which have come such a long way.

They have served thousands of customers and offered them some of the best jewelry pieces which is why if you are looking to make a purchase that promises exclusivity, uniqueness, and beauty, Palloys is the best option to choose from.

Their jewelry is sure to make everyone turn heads. Place your order now!


Suite 4, Level 12, 141 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia

Contact Details:

Phone: 1300 886 108

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2. Salt Wholesaling

Promising variety and high quality with every piece of jewelry, Salt Wholesaling does an excellent job in convincing every customer of their brand’s worth and ensures that all of them are left amazed by their purchase.

With passion, this wholesale supplier of jewelry makes sure that their pieces remain the most exceptional in the market.

If you are looking for something different and original, Salt Wholesaling is a place worth checking out.


Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Contact Details:

Phone: 0439 811 812

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3. Belbury Holdings Pty Ltd

Their work is flawless and their collection even more. Belbury Holdings is one of the most well-reputed and famous wholesale suppliers of jewelry in Brisbane, Australia.

They are not just very meticulous when it comes to providing the best to their customers but also very dedicated towards their service.

It would not come as a shock to you when you get in contact with them that Belbury Holdings puts their customers first over everything else.

All their collections and consultations to customers are always in the best interest which makes them one of the finest in all of Australia.


East Brisbane 4169, Queensland, Australia

Contact Details:

Phone: 61 (07) 3391 0711

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4. Jewellery Centre Australia

They are always available to their customers and everyone who wishes to buy some great wholesale jewelry from them.

Being one of the oldest and most long-standing wholesale jewelry suppliers in Australia, Jewellery Centre has gained extensive experience which has provided them with an upper hand over all other suppliers.

They know just what their customer wants and how the market trend is moving because of which they offer some great prices and discounts to their customers.


10 Felix St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Contact Details:

Phone: +61 7 3221 3838

5. Sapphire Export

As exotic as their name, Sapphire Export has a very intricate and beautiful collection of jewelry that they carefully pick and choose from around the globe.

They are manufacturers and also wholesale suppliers of some very gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

If you are a fan of jewelry that is essentially modern but with a traditional element to it, this supplier definitely has a lot to offer to you.



Contact Details:

Phone: 07 3229 1250

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If you are looking to purchase some amazing pieces that blow the minds of people when they first look at it, Brisbane is the perfect city to make your purchase from.

This article mentions the five finest suppliers across this city that can help you make an excellent choice.

They all guarantee perfect quality and full authenticity, what more could one ask for?

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