Many jewelry pieces, particularly rings, are stamped with various symbols and characters, and while we may be familiar with many of them, we seldom understand what they imply.

These markings, which may be found within, on the backside, or at the clasp vary according to the type of jewelry, are meant to educate you how pure the metal used in that piece of jewelry is, whether it be gold, silver, diamonds, or something else.

Since it is illegal to hallmark a piece of jewelry for something it is not, these letters and symbols have made it simple to distinguish between genuine and fake.

Many rings may be labeled with THL, and they may even come with certain digits. Let us look at what THL, specifically 925 THL, means on a ring.

What does THL mean on jewelry pieces?

Samuel Aaron, Inc, a jewelry designer, has the initials THL as a registered trademark. GTR, SOL, SAI, KCI, NYC, RB, and RJW are some of the other trademarks owned by the same creator.

THL is a trademark of the Samuel Aaron firm of New York, in operation since 1950. The firm sells vintage items that have not been manufactured recently and may have been used or worn previously, often the only one available for purchase.

What does 925 THL mean on a ring?

The THL 925 mark on the rings refers to two different entities. As previously said, THL stands for the ring’s designer, while 925 stands for the ring’s composition.

925 is a standard symbol for sterling silver, and it indicates that 92.5 % of the item is made up of silver, with the remaining 7.5 % comprised of other elements.


If you want to buy a ring but do not know how to distinguish between real and fake ones, having the appropriate information might help.

THL 925 on a ring symbolizes the specific designer and composition, so if you see it on your ring, you know exactly what you are buying.

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