FG Gold on a ring means that it is not solid. It is usually marked as the makers’ identity or sometimes referred to as Fine Gold or Filled gold. 

What is FG in gold?

As described above FG symbolizes manufacturers of gold. FG is the Trademark for Fredrick Goldman, the manufacturer of the ring. If the G in the FG is triangular, it represents the maker.

FG Gold spans the boundary between the Omineca and Intermontane tectonics belts of the Canadian Mountain Range. Across-the-board structural deformation and regional metamorphism of Intermontane Belt and Omineca Belts in the regional scale lead to shallowly plunging. 

The dominant resulting structure became Eureka Syncline in the project area containing rocks, comprised of augite porphyry flows, tuffs, and volcanic breccias metamorphosed to a low grade and laid onto muddy, and meta-volcanic rocks of the Quesnel Terrane. 

The area is known for its prevalence of gold, copper, and molybdenum deposits. FG Gold is centrally located over the Eureka Syncline, strategically encompassing a gold-bearing meta-sedimentary rock unit of the Quesnel Terrane. 

FG Gold is a residue-hosted mountain-forming gold project on the northeast limb of the Eureka syncline. Phyllite is the gold-bearing or host rock for gold mineralization that was traced by drilling for over 3.5 km strike length.

What does 14K F on a ring mean?

14k means 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% alloy (i.e. 14 parts gold to 10 parts alloy). 14K F gold ring with the 14K stamping stands for gold composition that it comprises of 14 parts gold, out of the 24 parts that 100% gold is composed and F is the Friedman’s Inc. hallmark.

The remaining part of the jewelry consists of other metals or metal composites. So, telling 14K Italy or 14K Italian gold refers to 14K Italian-made gold. 14K F on a ring indicates that the item is gold-filled. 

It is a process where a small amount of 14k gold is infused along with 5 % or 1/20th part of the total weight of the ring, in an alloy to other metals, such as nickel, zinc, or silver. 

In this manner, the item becomes inexpensive but retains its gold appearance at the surface, having the durability characteristics of the alloy. 

Although the color of the 14K F ring does not wear off as it is not plated yet, it is not regarded as karat gold. The same compound process of gold with other metals also comes in 12k F or sometimes 18K F and can also be referred to as 14kgf.

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What does 10K F mean on a ring?

As you know, gold is measured by its purity, and the term karat defines its purity level. It is usually categorized as 10K, 14K, 18K, and pure gold as 24K depending upon the gold and other metal compositions in a ring. 

10K F means that it is made up of 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy, while F denotes trademark stamping. 10K F ring usually contains 47.4% silver, 10% palladium, and 0.9% zinc. 

It means that half of the metal is pure gold. 10K gold is regarded as the lowest level of purity that is legally marketed and sold under the term gold.


The letters on gold rings refer to the manufacturers’ logos and trademarks as well as the quality of jewelry. 

FG denotes the fineness of gold. 14K F and 10k F show gold composites alloyed with metal compositions.

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