Many clients especially brides prefer white gold over yellow because of its magnificence and grace.

White gold is a traditional, enduring metal that many brides choose for their engagement rings, but it does require some maintenance. Because pure white gold does not exist. 

Gold has a natural metallic bright yellow tint when it is mined. Alloy is added to the metal to convert it to white. 

If you are considering dipping a ring in white gold it is necessary to take a few things into account. This article provides detailed answers regarding some significant queries. 

How much does it cost to dip a ring in white gold?

When a ring is dipped in white gold the result is white shade. A ring composed of white gold must be rhodium coated. Electric currents are employed to link rhodium to existing metal during this procedure. This enhances the brilliance of your white gold ring.

Based on the complexity of the design and shape, you can anticipate paying anywhere from $60 to $120 to have your ring dipped at a retail store. 

White gold is coated, or dipped, with rhodium to make it appear completely white. Remember that there are various types of white gold and thus cost varies from one ring to another.

Can a gold ring be dipped in white gold?

A gold ring can surely be dipped in white gold. White gold isn’t just another color of gold. Yellow gold is blended with a white metal like palladium or nickel to create this piece. In the end, it is usually coated with rhodium to make it even whiter.

Rhodium plating can also turn your ring’s gemstone into white but that depends on your preference.  If you want the prongs of your gold ring to be white plated then rhodium gives an exceptional shiny white color to your ring. 

How often should a white gold ring be dipped?

Since rhodium plating is nearly always used on gold rings after they are dipped in white, it gives them a brilliant gleam. You’ll know when it’s time to have your white gold jewelry re-coated. Basically when it starts to seem dull and less glossy.

Also, when you have your ring properly cleaned, the top layer is gradually removed by the polishing instruments, revealing the yellow layer beneath. So it is best to re-dip your white gold ring every 1-2 years. Re-dipping a ring can cost nearly 75$. 

How much does it cost to add white gold to a ring?

It can cost between 35$ to 72$ when white gold is added to a ring. Rhodium plating is required for that purpose. Occasionally, rhodium plating is applied to silver to avoid corrosion.

It’s vital to keep in mind that some varieties of the white gold plating will require more servicing than others. This is because all white gold is made up of a combination of yellow gold and other alloys. 

How long does dipped white gold last?

The particular contents of the alloy used to produce a piece of jewelry determine whether it can be plated. Some yellow gold alloys just do not work, and it is difficult to predict how effective the plating procedure will be.

But if the procedure was successful then white gold should last about 1-3 years before it needs to be re-plated. However, it can vary as it depends on various factors. 

The longevity of your white gold jewelry is determined by a unique composite, including your daily routines and the quality of the jewelry.


White gold surely adds elegance and attractiveness to your ring. Its costs range on the bases of alloys and other materials used in the procedure. 

White gold plating is intended to be permanent. However, it does not hold up well under severe handling. Gold plating can wear away and flake off, revealing the underlying metal beneath. Eventually, it likewise loses its brilliance and fades.

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