Selecting a shoe size and deciding what size one should get based on the shoe design is something many of us struggle with.

We might either end up getting a size too big or too tight, and it ends up ruining the excitement of getting new shoes.

That is why we have written this article to help you determine what size you should get- whether you should size up or down- but it will be specific to the shoes sold by Dr. Martens.

Before we delve into that, we would like to give you a little insight into this shoe brand itself. We hope you find it informative.

About Doc Martens

Dr. Martens, otherwise known as Doc Martens or DMS, is a famous British footwear and garments brand.

It was founded in 1947 by a Nazi Doctor named Klaus Martens and his friend Herbert Funck- making it famous all over Germany.

Soon after, a British shoe manufacturer bought patent rights to manufacture these boots and started the brand “Doc Martens” in the UK, making it known and beloved worldwide.

Doc Marten Shoes

The shoes made by Doc Martens are eminent for their air-cushioned sole, welted construction and stitching, and their upper shape.

You will find Doc Martens in several designs and shapes.

These shoes are made from different types of leather. These include patent lamper leather, vegan leather, and gaucho crazy horse leather.

You can have your pick! These beautiful shoes also have a vegan-friendly option, so any of you vegans out there can also rock wearing these without worrying about harming any animals.

The Doc Martens price range starts from USD 119 to USD 331.

Now, let us dive into the Doc Martens sizing and whether you should go up or down the size while purchasing them.

Imagine you order your shoe, wait for however long your shipping would take, and your size ends up being too big or too small. We can’t imagine a greater disappointment. This would definitely motivate you to get your size right.

Should I go up or down a size in Doc Martens?

When you look at the Doc Martens boots, the structure of these boots includes an extra inner liner which makes them relatively tight for most people.

This is why we recommend that you buy one size bigger than your usual size so that you can fit into them easily without being uncomfortable.

If you find that the larger size is loose on your foot, you can always wear thick socks or use insoles. This will also help keep your feet protected.

However, if you are reluctant to purchase a larger shoe size, you can always take out the extra liners that are present in the shoes and have a snug fit.

Although, we should mention that these liners are specifically placed in your shoes to provide your heel the utmost comfort. So, taking them out would render the function useless.

Doc Martens are made from leather that is curated from non-mulesed sheep. However, they do not run big or small- they always remain true to their size.

They will fit you comfortably, but you will have a toe space of about 6 millimeters.

The material they’re made of makes them extremely cozy for your feet. Those with feet pain will find that this shoe will do wonders for them.

Do Doc Martens come true to size?

Yes, we believe that almost all the designs produced by Doc Martens come up true to their size. However, there are the iconic 1460 boots that do run large.

This means that it will be a size level down from your original size. To explain it better, it will be 1.5 sizes from your sneaker size.

For all the other shoes and classic boots, you will find that Doc Martens are always true to size.

For all consumers outside of the UK, they need to keep in mind that Doc Martens uses British sizes, and these sizes are smaller than the US sizes.

Your true size is always smaller than your sneaker size, so make sure you measure your size accurately before you buy any shoes.

You should also remember that Doc Martens does not offer half sizes!

But the main conclusion is that Doc Martens come up true to size most of the time.


Doc Martens produce beautiful and classy shoes which you can rock with almost any outfit.

However, you should keep in mind that these shoes are a snug fit, so when you wear them initially, you might find them a little tight, which will wear out the more you wear them.

We hope you found this article helpful.

We believe that knowing the right size and recognizing the shoe brands’ distinct shoe measurements are necessary before spending so much money on the shoes.


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