Living abroad has its challenges, especially if you belong to a country like Pakistan, where the culture is deeply integrated into our daily lives.

While being homesick is a constant feeling, it especially rings true if you are getting married or someone in your family is getting married.

One of the ways you can connect with your roots at these important events is by wearing clothes representative of your country’s culture.

If you live in Canada, there are many designers and online stores that offer traditional Pakistani designs that can be delivered to your doorsteps.

This article will list and discuss some of these stores and retailers.

Samsara Couture

If you are looking for the perfect luxury dress for your wedding or someone else’s, Samsara Couture will ensure the ideal experience.

The brand offers an extensive collection of bridal wear for its Canadian clientele.

Their goal is to provide the most beautiful and uniquely made dress for every bride on her special day.

Samsara Couture brings together tradition with modernization and a twist of their own to make their dresses stand out among the sea of bridal collections.

What makes this brand even better is that it offers dresses in soft tones and modern colors that are ideal for a modern bride.

Check out the website here:

Etsy Canada

Etsy Canada is a wholesale marketplace where traders from around the globe offer their products to be sold.

You can find all kinds of items here, ranging from household appliances to jewelry to bridal collections.

If you are looking for a formal Pakistani dress for your wedding while you are miles away from home in Canada, Etsy will make sure that you feel right at home.

The retailer offers a wide range of embellished clothes with different hues of red, maroon, silver, and gold – the classic colors of a typical Pakistani wedding dress.

Check out the website here:

House of Isaacs

House of Isaacs is a sophisticated brand showcasing its talent through its bridal collections, which is an exclusive series of alluring and glamorous dresses for the perfect wedding.

The brand allows its customers to stand out and show off their dresses as a piece of art.

The founder of the House of Isaacs, Sumaira Isaacs, believes that women rarely get the chance to express themselves and speaking through their clothes, especially on their wedding day is pivotal to the woman’s growth.

The brand uses different techniques and designs quirks according to the wedding and personal preferences of the bride, and the result is phenomenal.

Check out the website here:

Nameera by Farooq

The online store, Nameera by Farooq is a great store that offers a huge variety of Pakistani bridal dresses to people living in Canada so that they don’t miss out on a desi wedding just because they are abroad.

The store has something for everyone – be it men, women, or kids.

The wide range of bridal clothes at Nameera by Farooq includes ghararas, lehenga cholis, angrakha style, saree, gowns, shalwar kameez, and so on.

For men, the store has sherwanis, kurta shalwars, and other traditional wear.

Check out the website here:


Hinab was founded in 2002, around 17 years ago when the need for Pakistani dresses in countries outside of Pakistan became evident.

Hinab offers traditional Pakistani and Indian wedding dresses that can be custom-made or ready-made. You can check out their latest trends in high street fashion.

What makes Hinab a trustworthy brand is that it has been around for a long time and has made thousands of successful deliveries.

You will find all your clothing and apparel at one stop so that you are not constantly going back and forth.

You can customize any dress of your choice according to your measurements and preferences. The delivery of the dresses is timely and won’t disappoint you.

Check out the website here:

Maira Khan Online Store

Maira Khan owns an online store that offers a hefty collection of bridal and wedding dresses to Pakistanis living abroad.

She realizes the importance of having access to the clothes of your roots on your special day and doesn’t want to deprive overseas Pakistanis of this joy.

The online store allows you to pick your wedding dress based on the fabric, the design, and the embellishments.

You can choose both a trendy and a comfortable dress at the same time if you shop at Maira Khan’s online store for your wedding or for your loved ones.

Check out the website here:

Andaaz Fashion

Andaaz Fashion offers desi clothes in the widest variety and multiple styles.

You can find wedding dresses collection in different categories, such as mehndi dresses, Muslim dresses, Punjabi wedding dresses, Hindu wedding dresses, and so on.

You can also find a huge collection of sarees, shalwar kameez, lehenga, and indo-western clothes at this store.

What makes Andaaz Fashion even more appealing is the fact that it offers plus-size clothes that promote inclusivity and equality.

The online store mostly delivers its products to the UK, Europe, Canada, USA, and Australia.

Check out the website here:


Founded by Hina Rizvi in 1991 in Karachi, Pakistan, Karigur is a Pakistani clothing brand dedicated to providing bridal couture and formal wear along with accessories and casual apparel to the people living both in the country and abroad.

The Karigur stores are running across Ontario, Canada, which makes it feasible for overseas Pakistanis to get the dress of their dreams from a credible Pakistani store.

The unique collection of off-the-rack bridal dresses is a culmination of the best South Asian bridal designers looking to provide their designing services to brides, grooms, and their guests.

Check out the website here:

Shadi Dress

These wedding dress specialists are a culmination of different brands coming together on one platform and selling Pakistani bridal dresses worldwide.

The brands include Mushq, Alkaram, Elan, Asim Jofa, Zainab Chottani, Maria B., Kayseria, Zara Shahjahan, Motifz, Maryam Hussain, and so on.

All of these brands together make the widest collection of formal and wedding dresses you couldn’t possibly find anywhere else.

Shadi Dress is a credible store and a one-stop solution to all your wedding year problems.

You can find clothes of all categories in styles, prices, and fancy/casual as you like.

Check out the website here:

Dress Republic

Although expensive, Dress Republic is a great collection of eye-catching, glittering, and glossy bridal dresses.

You can find bridal dresses, occasion dresses, wedding guest dresses, party dresses, and so on.

There are a variety of colors, including the typical red-maroon hues of a Pakistani wedding.

You can find a lot of pastels, regal dresses, and others such as peach, blue, and pink.

The online-based upscale fashion store is known for its elegant haute couture, lehenga choli, menswear style, and other styles.

They deliver all over the world, and their manufacturing along with the network is pretty extensive.

Check out the website here:

Maria Nasir

The epitome of elegance and glamor, Maria Nasir offers the most sophisticated bridal dresses you can find.

There are different categories on their online store, including lehenga, gharara, pret, premium shalwar kameez, gowns, bridals, and lawn shalwar kameez.

The stylish bridal dresses include the orange and yellow hues of mehndi dresses, the pastel pinks and blues of valima ceremony, and the maroon and gold combinations of the main event.

The store claims to deliver the dress of your choice anywhere in the world in under a week.

The intricate detailing of the dress, innovative cuts, and rich use of fabrics is ideal for a modern Pakistani bride.

Check out the website here:

Sara Sheikh Bridals

Founded 15 years ago, Sara Sheikh Bridals is one of the best designers in Canada, specializing in custom-made bridal wear.

The designer is known for her excellence in the South Asian bridal industry and is continuously evolving the genre.

The bridal designs at Sara Sheikh Bridals are a work of art and perfection personified.

The sophisticated designs are a nod to applied feminism and flawless workmanship.

Apart from the bridals, the designer also offers groom’s wear made using rich fabrics, intricate Sherwanis, and modern designs.

Check out the website here:

Mirage by Samar

Radiating eloquence and sophistication, Mirage by Samar was established in 1990 and has had two decades of experience in bridal wear.

The ultimate bridal destination offers designer gowns, accessories, and wedding dresses for the bride, the guests, and the bridal party.

You can find a dress for every event in this exquisite collection of bridal gowns.

They have something for everyone and every event, including the nikkah, Shaadi, and the valima.

Along with fabulous Pakistani wedding dresses, Mirage by Samar offers a comprehensive collection of ready-made designer dresses for less important events.

Check out the website here:

Nilofer Shahid

Nilofer Shahid is a renowned name when it comes to the South Asian bridal industry.

The name has brought tons of recognition and business to home.

The designer offers the most exquisite and modern take on wedding dresses and plays creatively with the designs, cuts, and colors.

The store offers to explore true regal elegance with Nilofer Shahid and stands true to its word.

You will never feel more royal than while wearing an intricately designed dress by a designer known to impress Pakistanis both in the country and outside.

Check out the website here:


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