When your old clothes don’t fit you, instead of buying new clothes, you can easily get them altered.

This means that you can adjust the waist size, sleeve size, or length of the trouser.

Men’s Wearhouse is an American brand for men that not only sells suits and other clothing items for men but also offers services such as garment alteration.

In this article, we have provided a guide to Men’s Wearhouse clothing alteration.

We have also provided answers to some of the queries you might have about the clothing alteration services of Men’s Wearhouse.

We have answered questions such as does Men’s Wearhouse do free alterations? Does Men’s Wearhouse do same-day alteration?

And what product or clothing items can be altered by Men’s Wearhouse.

Keep on reading to find out!

About Men’s Wearhouse 

Before moving ahead, let’s have an overview of the brand.

Men’s Wearhouse is an American brand that sells menswear and is mostly famous for its men’s suits.

Men’s Wearhouse was founded in 1973 by George Zimmer. The company grew rapidly and opened 25 stores by 1985. Now, Men’s Wearhouse has more than 600 stores in different parts of the USA.

In the 90s Zimmer promoted the brand in TV commercials with this tagline;

“You’re going to like the way you look, I guarantee it.”

When George Zimmer was removed from his position, the company faced some problems. However, they got through the tough times.

During the pandemic, Men’s Wearhouse again faced a lot of problems. Its parent company decided to close 33 stores of Men’s Wearhouse in the fear of bankruptcy.

The products of Men’s Wearhouse include suits, shirts, pants, sweaters, sports coats, shoes, wedding suits, and men’s accessories.

Other than selling pre-made clothing items for men, Men’s Wearhouse also makes custom suits, shirts, and sportcoats

Men’s Wearhouse is known for its affordable suits and excellent customer service. In their ‘about us’ section, Men’s Wearhouse has mentioned;

“For over 45 years we’ve been helping men like the way they look. We’ve been able to make good on that promise thanks to the world-class customer service delivered each and every day by our dedicated employees.”

Men’s Wearhouse also has a rental service. Customers can rent their suits online. Men’s Wearhouse offers free delivery and free return so customers only have to pay for the suit’s rent.

Men’s Wearhouse also offers various services to its customers. If the customer is not happy with their clothes or it doesn’t fit them, they can return them within 90 days of the purchase.

Free lifetime pressing on the suits of Men’s Wearhouse is offered. After one paid alteration, customers can get free re-alterations within 24 hours if the customer visits their store.

Men’s Wearhouse Clothing Alterations

Other than selling and renting clothes for men. Men’s Wearhouse also provides alteration services.

Men’s Wearhouse has mentioned on their website that;

“Sometimes your garment needs to be altered again. Our policy is that if we’ve altered a seam once, you will never have to pay to have it altered again, within the limitations of the original garment.”

Men’s Wearhouse offers alterations on clothes. They charge only once for the alteration of a seam (a Seam is a stitching line where two pieces of cloth are stitched together or overlapped).

You can get that seam altered again without having to pay. They also offer same-day hemming (lengthening or shortening of pants) on pants that are purchased from Men’s Wearhouse.

Does Men’s Wearhouse Do Free Alterations?

Customers only have to pay once for alteration. After that, they can enjoy re-alterations free of cost on the same clothing item.

On their website, Men’s Wearhouse has mentioned that;

“We guarantee if we have altered a seam once, you will never have to pay to have it altered again, within the limitations of the original garment, should you gain a few pounds or lose weight.”

This statement shows that Men’s Wearhouse charges on the first alteration, but after the customers paid alteration on a clothing item, they can get free re-alterations on that clothing item.

Does Men’s Wearhouse Do Same Day Alteration? 

Yes, Men’s Wearhouse offers same-day alteration. But this only applies if you go to the store to get your clothes altered.

If a customer goes to the store to get the clothes altered, the customer can get it done within 24 hours.

In the FAQs section of the website, Men’s Wearhouse has mentioned;

“Basic alterations may be accomplished within 24 hours upon request.”

Hemming of pants can be done immediately. Customers just have to go to the Men’s Wearhouse store and tailors can hem their pants instantly.

What Products Can Be Altered By Men’s Wearhouse? 

Suits, sports coats, shirts, and pants can be altered by Men’s Wearhouse.

Pants that are purchased from Men’s Wearhouse can be hemmed on the same day. If someone wants it immediately, then tailors at Men’s Wearhouse can hem the pants while they wait.

The basic alteration takes almost 24 hours. The tailor gets the measurements of the customer and alters the clothes within 24 hours.


Men’s Wearhouse sells clothes for men and also has rental services.

Men’s Wearhouse is known for its customer service. They offer clothing alteration services to their customers.

Customers only have to pay once for the clothing alteration, then they can get free re-alterations on the same seam. Clothing alteration can be done in 24 hours if the customer visits the store.


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