Valentino is a big name in the fashion industry; from actors to movie stars and even business people prefer Valentino goods.

Their unique designs and vivid colors are likened worldwide. The brand itself is an embodiment of class and poise.

They make high-end designer luxury products for both men and women including clothing, shoes, leather bags, and accessories such as belts, jewelry, wallets, and much more.

The price of these products ranges from $1000 to as much as $30,000 for their special edition, one-of-a-kind pieces.

But the coveted V logo has become a matter of dispute between two brand labels sharing the same name- Valentino.

Moreover, both these companies started at the same time and in the same country. With such a hefty price tag, finding the original one becomes really important.

The question now begs, which is the real one and which one is bogus? Valentino Garavani or Mario Valentino?

This article resolves your queries and compares the two products so that any confusing question that pops into your head can be answered.

To find out the mystery involving the name “Valentino”, continue reading our article.

About Valentino Garavani

The brand Valentino has been around for more than six decades. Initially, it started as a garments brand in 1959. It roots from Rome, Italy.

Valentino, full name Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani is a very famous Italian fashion designer.

As a child, Valentino was fascinated by art and fashion. As his interest for fashion developed, his legacy which started from Italy soon spread to the streets of France and from there to the rest of the world.

His brand is known for its popping red color and the infamous “V” logo.

The success of Valentino can be traced back to the beginning of his career by remembering one of the greatest historical epics of that time- Spartacus.

Elizabeth Taylor, a very well-renowned actor wore Valentino’s white gown and looked absolutely stunning.

Apart from this Valentino has designed dresses for other influential people including Belgian Queen Paola, Princess Margaret of England, Audrey Hepburn, and even Jacqueline Kennedy and many more.

Today the company is owned by Qatar-origin entrepreneurs, who bought the company through Mayhoola for Investments in 2012. To this date Valentino brand specifies tradition, serenity and uniqueness.

About Mario Valentino

The name Mario Valentino (MV) has been going since 1952. It emerged from Naples, Italy.

Starting from just a workshop Mario Valentino has now expanded his empire from Italy throughout continents including Europe and North America, and some boutique stores in Asia.

Furthermore, they have also extended to Japan.

Since the start of the company MV has been an avid producer of mainly sturdy and premium shoes, accessories and haute couture.

MV focuses on providing utmost care, elegance, and quality to its customers. The skilled workmanship and the detailed design and superior comfort of its products have attracted many people internationally.

Throughout the years, they have also included bags, leather goods, and dresses.

Through their versatile designs and unmatched consistency Mario Valentino goods have acquired a lot of fans worldwide.

Is Mario Valentino the same as Valentino Garavani?

The question now arises whether both brands are the same. The short answer is- no!

Both brands are completely different with different values and different products of interest.

While Mario Valentino focuses mainly on providing elegance, paired with endurance at an affordable range; Valentino Garavani is a brand name that instills a sense of uniqueness.

Garavani’s brand name promotes grandeur. Their avant-garde products are high-end and mainly for exhibition purposes.

MV products are fashionable and the designs are bold and beautiful but they are also practical.

Mario Valentino specializes in shoe-making, their shoes are one of the best and top-notch quality. They also make leather goods for both men and women. Their craftsmanship is commendable and their designs are simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing.

Valentino Garavani’s label provides ready-to-wear clothing mostly, they also make their own one-of-a-kind leather bags.

The price tag varies considerably for both brands, with Valentino Garavani being on the more hefty side.

Is Valentino by Mario Valentino a luxury brand?

Let us first explore what the word luxury means. The dictionary meaning states “something associated with great comfort or grace, at a very great measure of expense.”

It may or may not resolve the needs of an individual.

Luxury brands usually revolve around being used as displays of stature and social elevation, the experience is priceless. It can be best described as a guilty pleasure.

Mario Valentino is a premium brand.

What is a premium brand? These are brands that give the best value for features. They offer a high value of functionality and serenity. Consumers pay them a high price but they know what they are getting.

Mario Valentino thus has moderate to high-ranging price tags, but the products they offer are durable while looking good and feeling good when worn.

This is due to the fact that they are liable to a competitive market. The target audience of MV is people who want performance and feel okay with paying a little higher for that purpose.

While premium brands prefer mass manufacturing of goods, Mario Valentino is one label that provides you with the utmost care due to their expert workers.

They take pride in their craftsmanship and handiwork and believe that the satisfaction of the customer is the main aim of manufacturing their goods.

Is Mario Valentino High End?

Again, what does high-end refer to? High-ended means the best- in both quality and pricing.

Mario Valentino does not compromise quality in any way, they use high-grade materials to manufacture quality insured products.

The benefit that this manufacturer offers you is that it furnishes you with exceptional products at a considerably affordable rate. At least, lower than luxury brands.

To some people, these products may seem like cheap knockoffs, but they get the job done and do not cost that much.

As far as the function of the bag is considered, it fulfills what it is processed and made to do.


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