Madison Avenue Couture is a dealer of authentic luxury merchandise in the secondary market. They’re based in New York, United States. 

We all have an idea on how difficult it is to get a hold of products from luxury brands.

You always have to fulfill a number of requirements before you can purchase the item you want from the brand. 

For this reason, many customers shop such luxury items through a third party dealer, instead of buying it from the brand itself. 

Madison Avenue Couture is one of these dealers for authentic goods. 

However, in today’s world, there’s a swarm of replicas and first-copy merchandise that is readily available almost everywhere. 

Sometimes one can also get scammed as they pay the price for the original but get handed the first copy item.

Therefore, it isn’t easy to buy luxury merchandise that is authentic. 

There have been multiple cases where dealers have scammed customers, which adds to the fear of people especially when they’re paying a big amount of money.

 But don’t worry because I’m here to help!

If you’re curious to know whether the dealer Madison Avenue Couture is a legit one or not, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, I’ll be discussing all details regarding this dealer of authentic goods. 

So let’s dive right in!

About Madison Avenue Couture 

Madison Avenue Couture is regarded as one of the most reliable retailers. They deal with authentic luxury merchandise, like Chanel and Hermès. It was founded in 2010 in the city of New York.

The retailer is proud to claim that their commitment to authentic only items and providing the best shopping experience has allowed them to build a loyal client base.

These clients also include celebrities, influencers, stylists, and socialites. 

Madison Avenue Couture is known for having one of the world’s biggest online collections which include Hermès handbags that are nearly new.

They’re also known to offer new merchandise on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for a limited edition piece, then you can find it here as well.

This is because the store carries many vintage Hermès pieces.

These timeless pieces are extremely difficult to locate.

Along with Hermès and Chanel, they offer a wide variety of other luxurious brand items. These brands include Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories.

The best thing about this retailer is that if they don’t have a particular piece in stock that one is looking for, then they put their concierge team to work to locate it for them. 

The main aim of Madison Avenue Couture is to provide access to hard-to-find and often unavailable handbags to women all around the world. 

Such luxurious items are only available for the very privileged and Madison Avenue wants to change that.

The retailer is known to typically ship within 24 hours of payment.

This retailer is an e-commerce one and as a completely online business, they claim to offer accurate and detailed photographs and descriptions of the products. 

Madison Avenue Couture believes in offering pieces that are worth an investment. Therefore, they offer pieces that are likely to maintain their value over time. 

For instance, the classic and stylish Hermès pieces are considered to be “timeless”.

They believe that these pieces can be resold at attractive prices and have high demands. 

Is Madison Avenue Couture actually legit?

By the initial looks of their website, they do seem to be a pretty legit dealer. One of the factors which prove their legitimacy is the fact that there is all kinds of information available on their website for you. 

For a business that is online, this is so important as it helps build trust with the customers and they won’t be lost looking for information. 

Transparency is the key to legitimacy!

Another reason why the store is considered a legit one is because of its clientele, which includes celebrities and influencers. 

We all know that celebrities wouldn’t be dipping their feet into first copies or replicas and if the retailer would’ve been a scam, they would already be in trouble. 

Madison Avenue Couture as a retailer claims to act as advisors rather than salespeople. This way they are able to build a good rapport with their customers.  

Their unique method allows them to achieve the utmost client satisfaction and helps create a loyal client base.

Moreover, all their products on the website have accurate and detailed descriptions. The item one receives will exactly be the way it was described on the retailer’s website.

Additionally, the dealer guarantees authenticity on their website. This can be proof of their legitimacy. 

They describe themselves as specialists who are concentrating on a few brands at a time. This allowed them to have in-depth knowledge of the markings and quality standards of products that these few brands produce. 

Madison Avenue is also an established dealer which has been running for almost over a decade now. They source all their products from a network of trusted sources. 

Plus, the retailer even makes use of established third-party authenticators if they have even a slight doubt regarding the authenticity of an item. 

These individuals are respected experts, although not affiliated with the brands themselves.

The reason I say that this store is legit is they have an entire page dedicated on their website regarding authenticity guarantee. 

They even claim that if in any case the product received is found to be not authentic, they will provide a 100% refund of the original price. 

Final Verdict 

After in-depth research regarding the retailer, I have come to the informed conclusion that Madison Avenue Couture is absolutely real and legit! 

The dealer is completely transparent about all their operations which allows them to gain the customer’s trust. 

They’re even able to trace back most of the products to the boutique or store from which these items were originally purchased. This is because they carry items from recent collections. 

Madison Avenue Couture has a trusted and loyal client base and their testimonials on review pages are very positive, making them a trustworthy retailer. 

Therefore, if you’re thinking of purchasing a valuable item from this retailer, then be assured to receive the exact thing you want. 

They’re reliable and have been verified to be authentic by many. I hope this article answered your query regarding the retailer Madison Avenue Couture. 


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