Yves Rocher is French skincare, cosmetic, and scent firm created in La Gacilly in 1965 by French entrepreneur Yves Rocher. The firm operates over 3,000 locations, about half of which are licensed, in 88 countries across six continents and has 13,500 employees.

The headquarters of the corporation are in Rennes, Brittany, France. At its production location in La Gacilly, it operates a botanic park, the Jardin Botanique Yves Rocher de La Gacilly, which is freely accessible.

Yves Rocher was named “Environmental Heroes of the Year” by the Environment Possibility Award in 2020 for the firm’s national and worldwide experience in ecological sustainability and eco-friendly goods.

In 2019, the Rocher Group, previously Yves Rocher Group, had a revenue of 2.75 billion euros. 

Yves Rocher was founded in 1965 to integrate the local firm that had been selling hemorrhoid treatment and cosmetics based on ancient recipes via mail orders since 1956. 

Rocher, who had been mayor of his birthplace of La Gacilly, France, since the late 1950s, thought that the formation of a local firm would help generate jobs and prevent people from abandoning the hamlet in search of work. 

In 1959, the firm established a botanical garden and a laboratory to test new recipes and seek viable ingredients across the world. In 1965, the firm constructed its first factory as well as an expanded botanical garden with a sophisticated laboratory known as the Center for the Study and Research in Cosmetology.

Rocher had foreseen the surge in interest in natural cosmetics and the environment in general by focusing on translating plant components into cosmetic ingredients. Yves Rocher built a new production plant in La Gacilly in 1969, and the first retail store opened in Paris in 1970. 

The company quickly grew its retail network by opening stores and selling franchises, as well as expanding its mail order and retail operations to the rest of Europe. The company’s revenues had surpassed Fr 80 million by the early 1970s. Yves Rocher avoided going public by finding a strategic partner to support future expansion. 

The company’s 60 percent stake was sold to Elf Aquitaine subsidiary Sanofi in 1973, while Rocher kept 57 percent of the voting rights. By 1981, the firm had surpassed Fr 1 billion in sales, with mail orders accounting for 70% of total sales and retail and in-home party sales accounting for the remainder. 

In 1982, the company’s new Center for Applied Research claimed to have developed a method for extracting the DNA of certain plants and re-engineering them to offer greater advantages. 

Based on such a study, the A.D.N Revitalizing Resource range of skin care products increased the company’s global sales to Fr 2.6 billion by 1984.

Is Yves Rocher a luxury brand?

Yes, Yves Rocher is considered a luxury brand as the prices are quite expensive for the average population. They instill a sense of luxury, and class, and have an elite vibe to their products.

Is Yves Rocher a top brand?

Yves Rocher is a top brand and certainly one of the best, you should try their products to make a fair judgment for yourself.

 Is Yves Rocher premium brand?

Yes, Yves Rocher is considered a premium brand that takes care of quality and ensures all ingredients will be natural and come from sources that are verified by authorities.

However, there is evidence that Yves Rocher does perform animal testing on their own, through their suppliers, or a third party. Brands in this category may also offer items that are required by law to be tested on animals.

Yves Rocher created the firm with the conviction that nature would be their guide in the production of its goods, which are manufactured from plants and roughly 250 natural components obtained locally. 

 Is Yves Rocher popular in France?

Yes, since Yves Rocher is originally a France-based brand, its popularity in the country is immense and instills a brilliant sense of belonging in the community.

Recently, a poll was conducted which revealed that Yves Rocher is the winner in France and many other nations across the world. Yves Rocher has around 650 outlets in France and is available in 88 countries.

According to the poll, 40% of French women loved the brand “a lot,” but just 30% were loyal customers, giving some opportunity for development, according to the expert. 

Sephora came in second place, although its clientele was noticeably youthful, generally under 35. Kiko, an Italian business, finished in third place and looks to be gaining a loyal fan base among youngsters.

Therefore, one can conclude that Yves does have evident fame in their own country and globally as well!

 What is Yves Rocher known for?

In his family’s attic, Yves Rocher created his first moisturizer using fewer celandine. Sixty years later, his products are still Made in France, or, more accurately, Made in Brittany, because three production facilities were erected nearby, a few miles apart.

Currently, Yves Rocher is still widely known for skincare! Check out their skincare from the website link below!

Website: https://www.yvesrocher.ca/en/

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