A common problem with women’s clothing is the absence of pockets. Most women have perfected the skill of holding everything by hand.

While that may seem convenient for someone who has four arms, it’s usually a hassle for every woman we know of.

What you need then is a good handbag to carry away all your problems and free your hands.

A good handbag does wonders at elevating your overall look. It makes the perfect gift for your best friend, mum, sister, or for yourself!

However, bags are generally a pricey accessory. There is also the problem of finding good designs, patterns, and accommodation space.

So, where do you get a handbag that resonates with your personal style and is also easy on your pocket?

At Vera Bradley— a company that has been creating the highest quality clutches, handbags, and tote bags for a long time.

They have quilted cute-looking handbags that appeal to a soft-core fashion sense.

In this article, we shall discuss what Vera Bradley offers. Is it a good brand? Are their brands still up-to-date? Is the brand pricey?

If you are looking for a reliable brand to buy your bags from then, keep reading this article to decide whether Vera Bradley is up to your standards.

About Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is a label that specializes in making bags of all kinds. It was started in 1982 by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia Miller.

The brand has built quite a big empire. They have gained a global name and a worldwide fan following due to their embroidered handbags inlaid with colorful floral and paisley patterns.

The idea began when Barbara and Patricia met at an airport and found nothing but a sea of black luggage. That’s when they decided to create a different kind of colorful and funky bag.

Vera Bradley works on the principles of spreading color and positivity. They want to spread joy, celebrate diversity and empower women.

In recent years Vera Bradley has been on the top for inclusiveness, especially for the LBTQ+ community. Their workers give positive reviews, and the brand prides itself on pay equity.

Why is Vera Bradley Popular?

Vera Bradley is quite famous across the globe. It has been going on for generations and is known for its iconic paisley and floral patterns.

They make vivid colored embroidered handbags, bag backs, and even travel accessories for people of all ages. These include kids, teens, college students, mothers, and grandmothers.

The brand has collaborated with Crocs. They made beautifully patterned and colorful drinkware for Starbucks Asia and even merchandise for Disney.

Is Vera Bradley Still Popular?

Talking about its sales, Vera Bradley has had highs and lows.

At their prime in 2013, their sales peaked at $531 million in profit. However, since then, the arrow on the bar has been falling downwards.

Sales dropped to $416 million in 2019. Though, in 2020 the company started getting more popular once again and thus enjoyed more sales.

What Age Group is Vera Bradley For?

Vera Bradley targets all age groups, from high schoolers to moms and grandmas.

However, the young generation doesn’t seem to be too influenced by their flowery patterns and paisley.

While many people purchased their products quite a lot back in 2013 or earlier, their sales have now become significantly less.

Many young consumers argue that their bags are old-fashioned or don’t cater to their tastes.

In comparison, the older generation loves their handbags and especially their maternity collection.

The company is proud of its unique designs and colorful bags. They have tried to incorporate some minimalistic bags into their collection.

But the agenda of the group can be best described by Rob Wallstrom, who is the CEO and president of the company,

“The patterns elicit an emotional response that brings happiness and individuality that customers crave,”

What Is The Most Popular Vera Bradley Pattern?

Java Blue launched in Spring 2006 and continued to sell till Fall 2010. It was one of the most selling patterns of the brand.

The blue and dark brown colors accentuated each other, and the floral print looked both vintage and modern.

It was the breakthrough for the company, a product that became the middle point for older designs and newer patterns.

Another special pattern exclusive to Vera Bradley is Heather. It was available from July 2013 to May 2015.

This design took the beauty of both paisley and floral print and combined it with the sassiness of purple color and calmness of blue color.

The end product was a fine and beautiful mishmash of colors and print. It looked lovely.

Is Vera Bradley High-End?

Vera Bradley is a luxury brand that produces high-quality products to satisfy the needs of its consumers.

They use only premium and sustainable materials in their manufacturing processes and have thus shown a remarkable commitment to quality.

Their ReActive Collection is made from recycled bottles, and it is also water-repellant. Other bags from this collection make use of recycled cotton as the main material.

Performance Twill collection is for workouts, and it is again water repellant.

The last collection is MicroFiber. These are not that flashy and look great with every outfit.

So Is Vera Bradley A Good Brand?

We definitely love their products. They produce high-quality bags that look great for a variety of occasions.

Recently, their MicroFiber collection has been a game-changer. If you dislike their flashy, funky, vibrant, and classic patterns, then try this collection.


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