If I ask you what sizes are the hardest to shop for, what will you answer?

Petite and plus, right?

Undoubtedly, it is so much of a hassle.

You try looking for trendy outfits in your size range and end up with either a sack-like sweatshirt or a kid’s t-shirt.

To put an end to this hassle, many brands have stepped forward and taken all sizes into realization.

These brands have been trying to create designs for all small and large sizes.

The goal is to craft pieces that are not only available for everyone but are also true to size.

If you are someone who has gone through this fight of not being able to find the right fit, you might as well be aware of the name UNIQLO (at least millennials must know about it).

Anyway, even if you don’t know about it yet, you will surely have another great brand added to your buy-from list by the end of this article.

So, without further ado, let’s get started and get to know about UNIQLO and its sizing system.

UNIQLO: Its Story Of Birth & Rise!

Originally founded in Yamaguchi, Japan, UNIQLO is a clothing apparel company that has been working in the textile industry since 1949.

Currently, it owns more than a thousand stores across the globe. Since 1949, it has been competing with the fashion giants like Zara and H&M.

You’ll see millennials on every street wearing UNIQLO.

Yes, it is that popular among the young generation.

Following their motto, Made For All, they come up with designs that are easy to carry and will look good all the time no matter what’s trendy today.

You see, it is a good approach instead of following the trends which have to die after a few seasons.

UNIQLO is known to provide a decent combination of high quality and low cost. They constantly seek innovative and aesthetic designs without compromising on quality.

The simple designs coupled with nice eye-catching colors are to die for and perfect for casual or even office wear

Shifting the discussion towards the question that is most concerning to many of you, are the garments true to size?

Well, usually, UNIQLO outfits tend to run small (unlike Zara and H&M).

Therefore, most of the UNIQLO garments would need to be sized up. Let’s dig deeper into that.

UNIQLO Sizes: Run Small OR Large?

It is a huge challenge to provide outfits that are true to size when you are playing in the field of difficult sizes.

While some of the products fit the body perfectly, generally, their sizing does run a bit small by American Standards.

Continue reading to figure out the sizing of each product category.


If you are an average American woman, UNIQLO’s tops (shirts and t-shirts) might fit snug. And it holds true for most of the designs and sizes. So, you might need to size it up a bit.


Fortunately, the jackets section is doing the best job and making sure that their pieces are true to size for most people.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Like tops, hoodies and sweatshirts also tend to run small. This is quite a challenge for UNIQLO. Especially because the rest of the fast-fashion brands such as HM and Zara offer sizing that suits better.

Anyway, you can still solve the problem by availing yourself of the plus sizes at UNIQLO.

These products may run just a tad bit smaller, but it is best recommended to size up the garments that you are buying at UNIQLO.

Although the sizing won’t cause any kind of discomfort, it may arise after a bunch of wash cycles as most of the garments tend to shrink a bit in the wash.

Different Regions, Different Sizing Standards!

The Japanese origins of UNIQLO are the major factors behind the size issues there; as Japanese women generally have a petite stature.

However, the brand has been striving hard in order to set up a completely unique sizing system for the US.

In fact, it has also worked a lot to simplify its sizing system not just for the US, but for all other locations as well (where UNIQLO products are being sold on a regular basis).

I do recommend you leverage this golden opportunity and feel free to visit their official website.

From there, you can definitely succeed in claiming garments that are perfectly true to size.

What Size Should YOU Get from UNIQLO?

Finally, let’s think about the solutions. Well, I have brainstormed some of them for you:

  • UNIQLO provides detailed size charts on their official website that include shoulder width, chest width, sleeve length etc. You just have to measure the outfits that you already own and compare the numbers to find the perfect match.
  • Take the trouble out of sizing and visit an offline store to try and check the garments before buying any. However, an online ride is still recommended to help you better realize UNIQLO’s charm.
  • Compare the measurements given with your own body measurements and you will figure out which size is ideal for you.

Final Comments:

In short, UNIQLO outfits DO NOT fit true to size.

UNIQLO offers a bunch of edgy and youthful designs, but the sizing may tend to run a bit small.

The reason for this lies in UNIQLO’s widespread customers throughout the world; in short, this brand markets in various locations all over the world; and many of those countries have different sizing standards according to their typical body types.

Therefore, if an average American person buys an outfit with sizing that is made for an average Japanese person, then definitely it is going to have sizing issues.

This is exactly what happened with UNIQLO and is the reason for its negative ‘true to size’ status.

They have been constantly trying to eradicate these issues by customizing the sizing system for each location. It may take some time; meanwhile, you can stick to the solutions provided in this very article.


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