Denim is a fabric that has a rich history.

From being worn by coal miners to becoming a fashion statement today, denim jeans have come a long way.

There are many clothing brands that are involved in the sale of quality denim.

But one brand that revolutionized the industry by introducing its own creative designs by fabricating the durable material is True Religion.

This company shares the same essence of history that denim does.

What started as a ripple in the denim industry soon changed the whole course of tailoring denim products.

To find out more about true religion and its quality denim, keep on reading this article.


Are True Religion Pants Made in China?

True Religion is a premium brand. They use high-quality denim to ensure that their merch stands above the rest.

Their jeans are made mostly in the United States. For children, they are manufactured in Mexico.

Some people argue that they have sources in China, too, but that seems to not be the case.

True Religion jeans made in China are usually replicas that are inexpensive and of low quality.

Is True Religion Still Made in the United States?

True Religion was started primarily in the United States in Vernon, California where it still operates as a popular apparel brand in the country. It has over 900 stores based in 50 countries.

Many premium expensive articles of True Religion are still made in the United States. The merchandise for children is made in Mexico.

How Can You Tell if Your True Religion Jeans are Real?

Jeffery Lubell founded True Religion in 2002. His ambition was to manufacture and sell the best quality denim jeans in the United States.

True Religion jeans’ original pieces can be found on their exclusive online store. Make sure that their official URL is followed instead of counterfeits.

The brand has a security thread on the inside of the product. There are three bands that show the identity of the real products.

The second logo is the horseshoe or “U” logo, which indicates that the product is real.

Since 2011, they have introduced a shimmering metallic strip in addition to their horseshoe logo. The strip can be visible when light reflects on it. The letters “TRBJ” are NOT seen.

The jeans made by True Religion have their iconic signature double stitch design.

TR jeans logo has the infamous laughing Buddha printed on them, holding a guitar. The logo is proper rectangular in shape.

TR is loved for its perfectly aligned seams and flawless stitching design. On true TR jeans, the pocket flaps line up completely in the center of the pocket.

Is True Religion Still Valid?

True Religion merchandise provides the best quality when it comes to denim.

Yes, they follow the vintage trends of denim, but denim has a rich history. It still looks glamorous and stylish.

They say denim never goes out of fashion. If it doesn’t, then, True Religion won’t go out of fashion too.


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