Tag Heuer is an immensely popular watch brand making waves for every watch enthusiast. Tag Heuer is also known to be one of the leading watch brands at the moment in the entire world.

Not only are watches flawless but there is an innovative history and some intricate connections with automobile racing and sports timing. 

This watch brand has also made some amazing developments in the mechanical chronographs field that resulted in a tourbillon watch priced at 20,000 dollars. Other than that, there is a whole new collection of luxury smartwatches that you get to choose from. 

Founded back in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, the Heuer watch company soon made its way into the limelight due to its quality precision, timekeeping, and workmanship.

Tag Heuer is now a well-known and popular Swiss watch brand that started as a timekeeping watch at motor races and is now a contemporary watch brand that people look forward to with every collection. 

Is Tag Heuer A Luxury Brand?

Tag Heuer is known to be an entry-level watch brand and recently it has started making some in-house movements. But not every watch here you see has an in-house movement. In-house movements are a prerequisite for a watch brand into becoming a luxury good.

Some watch brands try to make expensive watches but still are not considered luxury brand or watch.

For a watch brand to become a luxury it is compulsory to have in-house movements. With Tag Heuer having a rich history of having amazing craftsmanship and quality over the years, it is not considered an ultimate luxury. 

It is an entry-level luxury brand at best since it recently started to make in-house movements. For a brand to hold that luxury position, people need to know that the watches made here are made by the brand and brand only. 

If we look back, for a long time this hasn’t been the case with the said brand. 

In-house movements are a big deal for a watch brand. It determines that the watch brand makes the highest quality watches. A luxury watch brand is known to have incredible levels of craftsmanship but with outsourcing the manufacturing process, Tag Heuer kind of falls short. 

As compared to other luxury watch brands, Tag Heuer’s attention to detail has been normal. In the past with no in-house movements and infusion of exotic materials in the watchmaking, people were not really inclined towards the luxury part of the brand. 

As of now, the brand has started to make improvements with in-house movements and uses diamond and gold in the watch-making details. So we can say to meet both fronts, Tag Heuer has started to make some improvements. 

Even though the brand has now been making luxury watches, some say that the boat has sailed for Tag Heuer already. So it is still a debate and Tag Heuer lies between standard and luxury to this date. 

Does Tag Heuer Hold Value?

Typically the watches here at Tag Heuer do not really hold their value. So the depreciation for a Tag Heuer watch is 10 to 20 percent per year for the initial three years. After this time the value starts to stabilize.

The case is the opposite of the vintage Tag Heuer watches. These do hold their value and can even increase with time. 

Depreciation is actually quite normal for most watches out there. This fact should not contain you from buying yourself a Tag Heuer watch since you are going to wear it and not sell it. 

The market for these is very small. Buying a watch that is not vintage is almost like buying a new car. The moment you step out of the store you lose a good amount of value for the car or in this scenario, a Tag Heuer watch. 

Is Tag Heuer Well Respected?

Even though the value depreciates with time, Tag Heuer is known to manufacture some great quality watches. This brand is famously known for its precision chronographs and design from the very beginning. 

In history, it is a known fact that this brand has been very popular and has been a part of some prestigious partnerships. With professional motor racing championships and teams, to this date, Tag Heuer is known to be a household name. 

Is Tag Heuer Worth Buying?

Some high-quality and luxurious watches tend to be way more expensive than one can imagine, Tag Heuer is definitely the perfect choice to go with. 

This watch brand is not only popular for its precision in design and watchmaking but also its affordable prices are a winner. As compared to other high-end luxury watch brands, Tag Heuer is a reasonably priced watch if it is your first time buying a watch. This is a great reason for a relatively young millennial crowd at the present. 

For first-time buyers, Tag Heuer watches are perfect as they not only offer you great design, technology, features, and materials but also they can be reasonably priced as compared to other brands.

Tag Heuer watches are great in general. If you know nothing about watches and want to start somewhere, this should be your best pick. They are comfortable to wear and with the variety, you get to choose from a whole lot of amazing designs the brand offers.  

Since the origin of this brand is related to sports, it should be a great option for sports enthusiasts. You get quality, reasonable prices, great build, and amazing designs all in one for your first time buying a watch. 

Every purchase you make at Tag Heuer comes with a warranty and authenticity certificate. So before you rush to buy a Tag Heuer watch, make sure that it is original and no one is scamming you. 

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