Whenever you see a woman, the first thing you notice, other than the dress, is her purse or handbag. If it is stylish and trendy then you guess the brand and that’s how you get the deets. 

Steve Madden is one of those brands that come into our minds while we are guessing a bag or a purse. 

If you are looking for a brand that has a high quality like Chanel or Gucci but at the same time has kind of affordable prices for bags, then Steve Madden is just the right place you need to be.

The brand kick-started in the 1990s and it used to make shoes. Over the years it gained popularity because of its products and with all the celebrities as well.

Just like any other popular brand it expanded and also started making handbags for women of all kinds. You can find every type of bag and also in different colours with any kind of outfit that you have on.

The bags were obviously of top quality and soon they became the best sellers of this brand. So this brand expanded in the US and also overseas so now it is a worldwide phenomenon and popular for its shoes and bags.

This one has almost 120 stores across the United States and the best part there are more than 250 stores of it in more than 60 countries. And since it also ships worldwide, you really would not have a problem getting your hands on its bags.

You really can not do anything without carrying a bag these days. And on top of it, it has to be of good quality so that it can last longer throughout the days and years to come. 

In the Victorian era, there was no such concept of carrying bags and women used to have small pouches made out of cloth foot some change like coins. But now in the 21st century, you can’t even imagine going out without a purse and for a pouch you now have wallets.

Are Steve Madden Bags Worth It?

You can always find good options for handbags and purses but to find something that suits your style and pocket is kind of difficult. Steve Madden is a high-quality brand where you get affordable options for your favourite style of purses and handbags of all types.

These bags are made out of original leather so the quality stands as compared to other brands. The leather used in these bags is 100 percent cowhide leather which makes them quite exceptional for making purses.

Not only is this leather type extremely attractive but also it is durable. So you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or anything like that even while using the bags all the time. 

Now since there is always a misconception that if a bag or a product is affordable it is going to be a bad one quality-wise. Here at Steve Madden, you might also get the impression at first that the quality is not compromised even if the bags are affordable.

So it is considered a generous collection by Steve Madden where you get leather bags of almost all types at affordable prices as well.

Are Steve Madden Suitcases Good?

Steve Madden is not just known for its fashion accessories and other products but also there are luggage bags as well. And the fact that these are too popular, makes Madden the perfect brand to go for.

The expandable size of the luggage bags here is the best for your personal belongings to the size required according to the flying protocols. But it is not just about the looks of the suitcase that you look forward to but the quality of it as well.

The luggage bags here are made out of PC and ABS materials which are famous for being sturdy and durable with their hard shell type exterior while keeping everything in place.

They also have a very comfortable handle attached to them that makes it easier to hold onto them while maneuvering them around. You also don’t have to apply any sort of extra pressure because of the weight of the suitcase. 

With the 360 movements of the 4 wheels on the bag, it becomes easy to move the bag around. And if there is going to be any kind of rough surface then this is the suitcase you would need to carry with you. 

Other than the weight of the stuff you have in the bag, the suitcase itself is not heavy at all. With the sturdy material, it is made sure that these are made to feel comfortable during your travel even the carry-on size.

Is Steve Madden The Ultimate Choice?

Steve Madden is not the ultimate choice obviously since you have so many other options available and there also might be much better quality as well. But you really can not beat the prices here. 

For a medium size bag, you have to pay like 150 to 200 dollars which is pretty reasonable if you think about it. You get the quality that is equivalent to Gucci and you really can not top that at any other affordable brand.

So if you are tired of getting bags that look good and aren’t good, Steve Madden has got you. You can always check out their website for some discounts that they might have on all of their products and your favourite purse as well. 

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