Slide Jewels sell jewelry pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. Slide Jewels claim to sell high-end but affordable jewelry.

If you are thinking of buying any jewelry from Slide Jewels, you must be wondering whether Slide Jewels is legit or not. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

About Slide Jewels

As the name suggests, Slide Jewels or Slide Jewelry is a Jewelry brand. Slide Jewels sell jewelry that is made out of stainless steel and 18K gold plated.

Slide Jewels have mentioned on its website that;

“At Slide jewels, we craft luxury and affordable jewelry, made out of high-quality stainless steel and 18K gold plating.”

Slide Jewels claim that their jewelry is waterproof and doesn’t tarnish as it’s made of premium stainless steel and 18K gold plating.

Slide Jewels have monthly jewelry boxes such as HONEY, which come with a bracelet or necklace that is gold-plated.

Another monthly jewelry box by Slide Jewels is BABY which comes with rings.

One of the things that Slide Jewels is proud of is that they have been featured in many fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

About the quality of the products of Slide Jewels, they have mentioned on their website that they don’t compromise on quality and use premium material that lasts longer.

The manifesto of Slide Jewels contains three points i.e. jewelry is made with high-quality material, design and craft jewelry to match everyone’s aesthetic and use cartons instead of plastic to be more eco-friendly.

Slide Jewels ships worldwide. Slide Jewels have warehouses in various parts of Europe, the US, and Asia. 

Standard shipping time for Canada, the US, and Europe is 7-14 days and the return policy is valid for 30 days after purchasing any jewelry item from them.

Is Slide Jewelry A Good Quality Brand? 

Yes, Slide Jewels is a good quality brand.

The jewelry of Slide Jewelry is made of stainless steel and is plated with 18K gold. Because of this, Slide Jewelry claims that their jewelry doesn’t tarnish and it’s waterproof.

The rings of Slide Jewels are made of brass so they are not waterproof and can not be used in a shower or the water.

Slide Jewelry mentioned that;

“All of our manufacturers are specially picked thanks to their high-quality standards. We only consider using premium materials that can last a lifetime.”

Moreover, the reviews of the customers show that the jewelry items of Slide Jewels have high quality and last longer.

Is Slide Jewels Reliable? 

Yes, Slide Jewels is a reliable jewelry brand.

Slide Jewels has 4.9 ratings based on more than 4000 reviews on a review site.

Moreover, Slide Jewelry has more than 120k followers on Instagram and many people have given positive reviews about the brand. 

Is Slide Jewels Ethical? 

For a brand to be ethical, it must source its products ethically. It should also use environmentally friendly packaging material.

Regarding worker’s rights, Slide Jewels have mentioned that;

“The workshops we work with have been selected as much for the know-how of their staff as for the quality of the materials in their possession. We are also in regular contact with these teams to ensure that labor rights regulations are properly respected. “

This shows that they work with workshops that are safe for workers.

Is The Jewelry Of Slide Jewels Long Lasting? 

Yes, the jewelry of Slide Jewels (except for the rings) is long-lasting.

The rings of Slide Jewels are made of brass. So the rings are not waterproof. They can not be worn in a shower or water.

Hence the jewelry items of Slide Jewels last longer except for the rings.

Where Is Slide Jewelry Located? 

The warehouses of Slide Jewels are located in different parts of the US, Asia, and Europe.

Where Is The Jewelry Of Slide Jewels Made?

Slide Jewels make its jewelry in Southeast Asia.

In the ‘FAQs’ section of the website, slide Jewels mentioned that their jewelry is designed in the USA by different members of their team and comes to reality in Southeast Asia.

Is Slide Jewelry Legit?

Yes, Slide Jewels is a legit jewelry brand.


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