Radhes is a small jewelry brand. Radhes proudly claims that almost all of its jewelers are either 2nd generation jewelers or 3rd generation jewelers and they are all dedicated to the art of jewelry making.

Radhes Jeweler seems to be legit as they have many happy customers online and a ton of good reviews on different forums.

However, Radhes jewelry still has the image of a shady jewelry brand that can’t be trusted.

When we ignored those positive reviews for a while and tried to dig a little deeper to find more information about how legitimate Radhes is, we found out that in actuality not many people are happy with their purchases.

Radhes claims that it is dedicated and excited to create jewelry for its customers that is elegant, simple, and will last not only for a lifetime but for generations. But we can hardly trust that statement.

Radhes is humble enough to call itself a small jewelry studio instead of bragging about its non-existent popularity like many other brands do for the sake of marketing.

It claims to be a small jewelry shop with a small team of passionate jewelers with big ambitions, ideas, and a love for making jewelry.

Radhes wants to create unique and beautiful jewelry designs.

Is Radhes Jewelry Good Quality?

Radhes promises to make and provide its customers with jewelry that not only looks beautiful and has elegant designs but is also high-quality.

Still, we are afraid that the metals used in Radhes jewelry are not of good and high quality.

Some of the customers that have purchased from Radhes are also displeased with the quality of their jewelry pieces.

The shape of the gems of the rings of Radhes is not exactly what is shown in the pictures published on the online store of Radhes. 

Your ring might not look too bad but there are chances that your ring or other jewelry pieces might be a little different from what you ordered at Radhes.

Radhes also offers customized rings for its customers.

Radhes does not have a great social media presence either.

It does have accounts on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram but it does not have much of a following.

It only has a few hundred followers on social media and it is clear that it does not have much popularity.

However, it still has reviews from its customers that do not seem fake on its social media accounts.

This at least helps its potential customers to get more information about its products, unlike some other brands that have a following but does not have any customer reviews, much less honest reviews.

It is common for many online jewelry shops to have fake reviews on their website and social media accounts to deceive their customers too.

Some brands even go as far as to delete negative reviews to preserve their image on social media.

Not only small brands but some of the big brands are also guilty of doing this.

Is Radhes Reliable?

The jewelry pieces bought from Radhes look quite good and beautiful at first but after some time, the Jewelry pieces lost their original appearance.

Radhes might make big claims to its customers about the quality of its products but its products can only last for a few months.

Most of the customers who bought jewelry pieces from Radhes like a ring are baffled to see their rings changing color and turning black and yellow after getting used only for a few months.

So, we can say that Radhe might not be a good choice for you if you want to buy something special like a wedding ring or an engagement ring that you want to treasure for your whole life.

Radhes jewelry is indeed quite affordable and most of its products do not cost more than 300 dollars so you can probably buy a ring without breaking the bank at Radhes.

But still, it is not a good option if you are not going to get good quality that can last for a long time.

It will just be a waste of money to buy from Radhes even if you are spending only a few hundred dollars.

Radhes offers its customers a 30 days refund policy and you can return your order if it is damaged or if you are not satisfied with your order.

Their customer service is not bad so you should be able to get a response from them and return your order easily.

Is Radhes Ethical?

Unfortunately, we can’t categorize Radhe as an ethical jewelry shop as ethical jewelry brands make sure to not leave a bad impact on the environment and use ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds.

Radhes does not inform its customers about its ethical practices and what actions it is taking to reduce its bad impact on the environment. It is not transparent about its ethical practices at all.

It does provide enough information about how it sources gemstones, diamonds, and other valuable metals and if its method of sourcing gemstones and diamonds for its jewelry is ethical or not.

Since we can’t get any information about its policies from Radhes, we can’t be sure if it is ethical or even if it has plans to be ethical in the future.

Is Radhes Lead and Nickel-Free?

Radhes offers its customers a wide range of jewelry pieces. It also offers its customers customized and handmade designs.

It offers rings with various types of gemstones including Alexandrite Rings, Green Moss Agate Rings, Moissanite Rings, Morganite Rings, Moonstone Rings, Opal Rings, and Rutilated Quartz Ring.

It also offers Salt & Pepper Diamond Rings, Strawberry Quartz Rings, and White Diamond Rings to its customers. However, Radhes fails to assure its customers that its products are lead and nickel free.

Where Is Radhes Located?

It has offices in Toronto and Canada. It also has an office in Thailand. Thailand is famous for its natural gemstones and it also has a notable history in the art of jewelry making.


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