A women’s dream is to have all the beautiful Italian-based clothes and fashion accessories in one place!

Pinko sets an amazing level of standard for every other Italian international brand which serves their designed clothes to a variety of countries. They have a strong history and have faced many challenges to come to this path.

Pinko is a women’s fashion label from Italy. Pietro Negra, the current CEO, and his wife Cristina Rubini created it in the early 1980s.

They have approximately 500 retail sites globally as of 2016. Pinko has collaborated with designers such as Mark Fast, Alessandra Facchinetti, and Marina Spadafora.

is a fashion reaction to the desires of an independent, powerful, and attractive woman who is conscious of her femininity and determined to show it in various ways, but most notably via her choice of style. 

The collections stand out for their distinct, varied, distinctive, and modern style, which appeals to ladies all around the world. 

Year after year, these women have contributed to the global growth and success of the business.

Acclaimed image-makers and excellent photographers have collaborated with us to build the PINKO image via campaigns that have made the brand instantly recognizable throughout the world.

Naomi Campbell, Elle MacPherson, Carmen Kass, Eva Herzigova, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Bosworth, Sara Sampaio, Barbara Palvin, and Stella Maxwell have all been photographed by Terry Richardson, Steven Klein, and Xavi Gordo.

Special projects and capsule collections created in collaboration with some of the most interesting international designers and stylists, such as Mark Fast, Alessandra Facchinetti, Marina Spadafora, Viviana Volpicella, and Nicola Brognano, are a perfect example of PINKO’s highly dynamic approach, always with a focus on creative talent.

Is pinko a high-end brand?

Pinko is an independent Italian fashion company that operates in the entry-level luxury market. The collections are distinguished by a distinct and feminine approach, as well as an individual flare that distinguishes women’s fashion.

They are certainly high-end the brand values a range of designers and styles that upgrade the whole look of the person. You can depend on Pinko to produce a range of luxurious designs which are a reliable option for many women in Italy and beyond!

 Is pinko a designer brand?

“Everything is developed in Italy and is largely manufactured in Italy and other Mediterranean nations.” states their official website in regards to their manufacturing of products. They also manufacture a modest number of items in China. However, most of their initial production houses are in Italy so the delivery is easier and more authentic.

This guarantees amazing quality and keeps a strict check all over their product line. A designer brand that is made in the country increases its value in the fashion market, therefore the popularity surrounding Pinko is greatly acknowledged. You can depend on Pinko to give people an excellent range of clothes, handbags, accessories, and various styles of shoes too!

 Where are Pinko bags made?

Pinko bags are manufactured in Italy and made up of mainly Napa leather which makes them durable and an excellent choice for women who want the bag high-quality bags in a range of pretty designs. 

An aesthetic look is important for women and Pinko makes it certain that all their designs are suitable for the considerable types of fashion choices: goth, fairy, chic, modern, and victorian styles too!

 Where is the Pinko brand from?

Pinko is from Italy and manufactures and distributes in the same place! They emphasize building a brand aesthetic that represents Italian modern fashion and gives people a place to purchase a range of amazing 

Pinko, a family-run fashion house, has grown to become one of Italy’s most successful labels. It offers an easy twist on traditional items for the long-lasting wardrobe-essentials season after season. Pinko stands out among modern French labels like Maje and Sandro for its colorful Italian touches. 

Now, since you know all of the information on Pinko, you can make an informed decision about whether you want to buy their Italian clothes and shoes or not! If their styles speak out to you then: you can go to the official website of Pinko and get an amazing dress or accessory to boost your attire!

Website: https://www.pinko.com/

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