You know how a business casual look takes over as a fashion trend and everybody wants in on it? Well, that is exactly what happened with Patagonia and people still are into it. 

When it comes to fashion there are so many ways you can talk about it because of different aspects and opinions. From trends to styling, fashion is an essential part of everyone’s life whether it is for work or just plain casual. 

Some trends stay for a while and some are here to stay for a long, long while. It depends on what area you are living in, so if you are anywhere near Wall Street, you must have heard of Patagonia.

You can see so many people wearing Patagonia vests on Wall Street. It almost looks like a staple for many people here and is a popular one now. 

Patagonia is an American apparel brand that is known for selling and marketing outdoor apparel. The brand is popular and you can tell that since it has hundreds of stores in more than 10 countries across the big five continents.

This is the kind of brand that exudes an expensive look and people who work in conservative environments like Wall Street kind of need that. You can also give it a try if you work in a business casual environment but with the vests and the jacket, it does kind of look, as mentioned earlier, expensive.

The brand is expensive, but one of the most important reasons why this one is popular is because of the environmental awareness. This brand is known for its motto which is all about keeping it clean with the production and making sure that there is no waste. 

The reason why it is a status symbol as it is doing something that not many brands out there are doing. The brand makes sure that you get a good quality, style and the best for the environment at the same time.

Is Fleece Jacket Business Casual?

You can wear a fleece jacket to work but it has to be more like a top layer that you eventually remove, once you enter the premises. Fleece is not a very ideal option to wear as a part of your outfit to even a business casual environment because it gives an outdoor vibe, a solid one. 

The best thing that you can do is wear a sweater instead of it for covering up. For intense weather, you can always try something guff to a jacket as well but fleece is just not it.

This clothing item is one of those that is always going to be popular. So even if you are sitting in a pub, a certain decorum and everything else makes you think about the age of the show. 

What Is The New Business Casual Look?

With ever-so-evolving fashion you see so many trends coming in and only a few staying as formal and casual both. People nowadays do care what they wear to work and even though it is a casual setting you still need to be formal a bit. 

You can easily put on a comfortable pair of pants with a decent blouse which is either a cami or a proper button-down shirt. In the case of a cami, you can top the look with a blazer that fits just as your pants.

The blazer can also be loose like the pants because comfort is key in a business casual setting despite the formal approach. With wide-legged pants, you can go with a loose blazer or a coat that looks good as well on your body type. 

The new business casual look is about wearing something that compliments your body features as well. The more comfortable and practical you feel with the kind of professional clothes you are wearing, the better. 

You can not be wearing articles like shorts or a jacket a lot because they are too much outdoors. For a more welcoming approach, you need to wear something more indoor style. 

Is Patagonia An Elitist Brand?

More than the price, the concept of elitism with this brand is about the quality and what the brand essentially preaches. The brand is known for its best quality outdoor clothing and the fact that it is all sustainable makes it a good pick. 

The brand lasts your ages and for certain places of work, it is considered a good work wear brand as well. Many entrepreneurs on Wall Street love to wear this brand even to this day and it still works for everyone.

Another best part is that the variety of clothing available here is always a strong point. There are so many outdoor gears and clothes available and the fact you don’t have to go back for a continuous purchase makes it a quality investment.

Is Sweater Business Casual?

Yes, a sweater is totally fine as a business casual product as long as you pair it well with the rest of your look. Things can go South if you don’t work it right with the colours, size, fitting, and the type of sweater you decide to wear for work.

There are so many options available other than fleeces that you can wear to work and a sweater is one of them. Make sure that you put on the right kind of accessories as well to make the whole look come together in a sort of professional and comfortable look. 

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