For centuries, gold has been a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and power. It is believed that when scientists tried to create gold artificially, it led to the accidental unearthing of new metals and other even more magnificent discoveries.

It has been passed down from one generation to the next to keep heritage alive. But today, gold is seen as nothing more than just an investment, a reservoir of easy money.

Today, when the trend of emotional attachment to jewelry has perished, not many retailers sell reliable gold products.

However, there is one jewelry brand that still upholds this idea of passing down gold generationally. That is Oradina.

And not to worry, the brand is completely legit!

Give this article a good read to determine whether Oradina can be trusted or not, about the quality of their product, and what they stand for.

About Oradina

Oradina is a newfound emerging jewelry retail brand that started in 2020. Its founders are a couple that claims to be continuing a jewelry-selling legacy of more than six decades- Sam and Rachel Gindi.

Oradina is a member of the highly reputed organization known as the Responsible Jewelry Council which aims to promote ethical and social-environmental practices while respecting human rights throughout the whole retail process and supply chain.

They offer a variety of cute designed sets for a very affordable price for both women and men. Their products include earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets.

The main goal and principle idea behind the brand can be best described in Rachel’s own words,

“Oradina’s mission is to enhance that experience [of buying gold] by offering real, affordable solid gold jewelry that’s also fun, stylish, and everlasting.”

However, buying gold is a troubling process. Many factors need to be considered. When the authenticity of the merchant is verified, the task becomes super manageable.

Is Oradina Real Gold?

To answer this question, we first need to consider what type of gold is being used in manufacturing jewelry in the market.

There are strict standards that need to be followed while making and selling gold jewelry.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates the jewelry industry in the United States.

10 Karat Gold

According to FTC guidelines, the lowest quality of gold that can be legally sold is 10 karat. It contains about 41.7% of pure gold in its composition. The rest is mostly metal compounds made of zinc, nickel, or silver.

This is the most affordable one too. Look out for jewelry stamped with G417 or 417 engravings. This means that the gold is 10 karat.

14 Karat Gold

Then there is 14 karat gold, made up of 58.5% pure gold and 41.7% other elements such as copper. This is the most famous type.

Most jewelry is made of 14 karat gold. Because it is almost partly composed of gold and part alloy metals. This makes the jewelry stable, durable, and more resistant to scratches.

14 karat pieces are stamped with 585 to show their gold percentage.

18 Karat Gold

Next is 18 karat, which offers more shine having a higher percentage of 75%. This means only one part is trace metals.

This also means it will be less stable and more prone to surface scratches. 18 karat jewelry is engraved with a 750 mark to show their quality regarding the usage of pure gold.

24 Karat Gold

The purest form of gold attainable is 24 karat. It contains 99.9% pure gold. However, this is not suitable for wearables due to its unstable, reactive chemical nature and lack of ability to maintain shape.

Oradina uses 10k, 14k, and 18k gold in their products. They have severely emphasized the word “solid gold.”

This strictly means that their jewelry is made of solid gold inside and out.

“That’s why we chose to stick with solid gold. Unlike gold substitutes, solid gold won’t tarnish, change color or turn your skin green. It retains its value and allure in a way a plated or vermeil piece never can”, says Sam Gindi.

This is to distinguish it from vermeil or gold-plated jewelry. Which simply uses a cheap metal coated with usually 14 karat gold.

The manufacturers believe in creating such products that last for a long time so they can be passed to the progeny. They are very keen on traditions.

The manufacturers want to promote gold as a way of joining one generation to the next generation.

Where is Oradina located?

Oradina is originally based out in New York. The delicate and fascinating process of manufacturing the product takes place in the United States, Turkey, and even Italy.

They have a large group of skilled craftsmen and artisans that provide the most beautiful and elegant designs in their jewelry.

Final thoughts on Oradina

The brand seems like a good deal. It aims to provide solid gold products at reasonable prices. Their price range is from $100 – $5000. The cost of the product usually depends upon the weight of the gold in grams.

Rest assured, the quality of the product will be satisfactory. The jewelry label promotes its transparency and advertises maintaining humane work conditions.

Countless customer reviews prove that Oradina is a great place to buy modern and fashionable wearables. The only complaint that has been frequent with many customers is their post-buying customer service and damage repair issues.


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