Obermain has been here since 1888 which is considered an era of modern fashion. It started off by making boots and shoes for men and later on started making for women as well. When buying leather shoes you want to go for something that gives quality, durability, and style at good prices. 

Obermain Singapore has masted the craft of providing the public with high-quality leather shoes with unique styles and designs that compliments your personality. The excellent quality leather items are part of the amazing collection that this brand has along with bags and other accessories as well. 

The brand originated in Germany and after gaining success in footwear for both men and women the brand tapped into accessories for both as well. The shoe collection though is a popular choice for everyone due to its quality and a huge selection of different designs and styles. These shoes have the perfect fit and are able to transcend any type of fashion. 

Is Obermain A Luxury Brand? 

It is definitely an entry-level luxury brand when it comes to the high quality and durability of the shoes most importantly. The shoes are affordable but still, the prices are not like the shoes you buy at Target. 

The brand continues to be the best shoe-making company even now and is considered the first choice for anyone in Europe. 

Is Obermain A Good Brand?

The brand is known to invest more focus on improving the components of its footwear and also research on how to make them better. Other than the stylish designs you see, Obermain takes the shoe-making process and the final product to the next level with patented technology and innovative designs that makes walking easy on a daily basis. 

It makes us wonder what makes the Obermain shoes so comfortable with the different designs as well? Well, the brand uses active flex and gel technology that makes each step of yours more comfortable than the last one. 

The shoes have multiple layers to them that increase the densities. The layers in these shoes include a durable and firm polyurethane base, latex foam, and also soft leather. This makes the shoes capable of providing the exact amount of support that you need. The flexible material makes it possible to maneuver the footwear on both ends with convenience. 

The brand has been killing it for a while now since the quality of the bags and shoes speaks for itself. The leather bags come in different sizes, colors, and styles that you can think of. The inspiration for design here is from the urban style that is literally evergreen and never disappoints. 

The leather bags are a statement here since they are durable and have an original smooth leather finish to them. The best part, is the bags are super practical. So if it is an office meeting or just a hangout, you won’t be losing any straps of the bag after carrying it around even for the entire day. 

Obermain makes some of its luxury bags in Italy as well so that is definitely something you want to take a notice of. 

This German-originated brand is now available worldwide and also online to make your lives easier. The designers of the brand are committed to providing you with product functionality and style for years now. Even if it started in 1888, which is a long time ago, the brand has evolved over time. Now the designs here give you the perfect picture of modern and contemporary fashion that everyone wants. 

From casual wear to formals, finding both can be a bit tricky if you are planning on doing it from the same place. Luckily, you get this convenience here at Oberman, that too without a hassle. 

The almost high-end prices do justify the products and the quality they have. You can get the same quality at a luxury high-end store, but the prices can get you to a broken wallet with a single purchase only. 

So if a special event is coming up don’t dread yourself for a Gucci shirt or Balenciaga shoes, if you don’t have the budget. These brands do have the status and the exclusivity factor attached to them. 

But if you have the same option lying around in an affordable store, comparatively, might as well shop there to save some money too. 

Do visit the online website of the store as it makes you feel like you have entered luxury. So the deal of getting good shoes and some great clothes does not sound bad at all to us thanks to Obermain. 

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