Founded in 2013 by the young entrepreneur Mitchel Galvin-Farnol who wanted to create a brand that was without zero fuss and just casual streetwear. The brand is known for its trendy streetwear designs and for keeping it simple and chic. 

It is definitely the kind of brand that everyone gets familiar with but does not know how to pronounce. It is definitely like one of those names that your parents would give you and for the rest of your life, you hear horrible and awkward pronunciations of it. 

The name of this London-based brand is pronounced as “nee-chee” which is not complicated unless you refuse to learn. In the past few years, we all have seen brands that have produced their individual take on streetwear for both men and women along with a variety of accessories. 

Nicce is also one of those brands that have adopted this aesthetic for its clothing line and now has a good fan base. Initially, the brand had a very underground music influence on it which is explainable since the founder of it spent time at parties on the Island of Ibiza.

In 2019 the street-wear brand opened its first-ever permanent store in the east of its hometown London. It is also aiming to expand the business inside the UK and also internationally. 

The brand does deliver all over the world. The vibe here is all about having fun with your wardrobe and yet you look chic and comfortable. You can find activewear that has a strong build and is available for both men and women. 

What makes this modern age brand stand out is the fact that it has options for every kind of shopper you can think of. Like people in this day and age are really influenced by sustainable living and want their wardrobe to be in accordance with that as well. 

Nicce gives you sustainable shopping options from where you can shop. When you visit the website you would find recyclable materials and vegan options that give you a huge selection to go for. 

An interesting feature of the brand’s website is that you would see some creative filters through which you can actually shop by the color of the clothes and accessories. The accessories selection is also very minimalist you can get wallets, bags, hats, and scarves. 

People who are really into soft colors and want something solid and graceful yet not over the top, this is where you shop from. You can avail gift cards and discounts as well like for season or holiday discounts on your favorite drip.

Is Nicce A Luxury Brand?

No, Nicce is not really a luxury brand and this makes it accessible to many people. The minimalist approach here is definitely inspired by high-end trendsetter brands. 

Comfort is important along with quality but really don’t have to get ripped off while shopping for clothes like that. 

Is Nicce Fast Fashion?

Nicce is known as fast fashion but not the kind that delivers you poor quality and does not even last for a season. 

Is Nicce A High-End Brand?

Nicce is known for its style which is not very high-end but is definitely popular among the public. If you look at the autumn 2021 collection you would notice the reflective and futuristic details that are equally included in the products and also the outerwear collection. 

The heavy check shirts, intarsia knits, jacket bombers, sweatshirts in square cut, and also detailed hoodies are the new fashion wave introduced by the brand. 

The boxy designs and cut of the clothes are heavily inspired by utilitarian work clothing and are definitely a new thing for the season. 

The monochrome outfits and patterns really make the brand stand out from the rest of the street-wear brands. The quality is pretty good and you can’t deny the prices here.

For 30 bucks you do get a decent shirt and dress which is not a bad deal to grab from a new hip brand on the block.

And besides, gen-z and millennials do tend to buy anything that makes them feel like it would create a sense of belonging for them and keep them up-to-date. Instead of going to fast fashion, which would not be worth your money, go to the fast-fashion brand that does kind of live up to the hype. 

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