People who have been born into luxury or are just plain luxurious people from the beginning of time would definitely know about the evergreen Nina Ricci brand. The brand was founded in 1932 by the famous designer we all know as Nina Ricci. 

The designer started off very humble as she was a simple seamstress who had turned into a couture salon stylist and she started the brand with her son Robert. This was the time when fine French women used to visit such couture salons in order to look for fine debutante ball gowns and frocks for themselves and their daughters. 

These gowns, frocks, and wedding dresses would have fine designs on them and some high-quality fabrics involved as well. In order to get the flattering curves stitched on the gowns, the designer used to pin the fine fabrics on a live model and handle the entire thing with elegant couture care.

In the 50s, you could find authorized copies of Nina Ricci’s designs at some high-end retailers like Henri Bendel and Bergdorf Goodman. Very soon the brand gained immense popularity and in the 60s this fashion house was at the front of the emerging couture trends happening in Paris. 

This was the most well-known ready-to-wear collection available in the couture brands there were in Paris at the time. In order to expand the business, Mademoiselle Ricci was founded for the American market and that was in 1962. 

The brand has seen a lot of changes and has evolved over time for good and bad but has definitely been as relevant and stylish as ever. In 1998, this fashion house was acquired by a Spanish company called Puig. 

The couture division, which was the main identity of this brand over the years, was shuttered immediately. And very soon a Canadian designer named Nathalie Gervais was given the task to come up with a new identity for the brand. 

Other than feminine clothing, the strong selling point for this brand was also the perfume line for females. But for the time being the creative process was more focused on creating a new identity for the brand and working more on the ready-to-wear collection.

Gervais lasted for a very short while here and then came the Swedish designer Lars Nilsson who actually profited the brand by doubling the sales of the ready-to-wear collection at Nina Ricci. There were some collections by this brand that had the vision of moody romance that got praised on the red carpet but commercially they didn’t do that well, hence they were eventually discontinued.

Is Nina Ricci A Designer Brand?

From the very first day, Nina Ricci has been a designer brand. After the demise of the namesake designer, there were several designers that took over the creative process and gave something new to the brand with the launch of each and every collection. 

With every change and evolution of the brand, there was, the main focus was to deliver the best for the ready-to-wear collection and keep the accessories in check too. 

Is YSL A Luxury Brand?

The doubtful answer to this question would be that it is not a luxury brand. Yves Saint Laurent is a French fashion luxury brand known for the extra expensive prices and elegant style in every clothing collection and accessories section there is. 

The brand was founded in 1961 and ever since then it has been known as a very important and high-end luxury brand on the face of the earth. The brand has had some really iconic pieces that are all about being modern and elegant like the tuxedo jackets for women that took the fashion industry by storm. 

Is Nina Ricci Haute Couture?

Nina Ricci has always been an icon when it comes to haute couture collections and in Paris, it was one of those brands that started the depiction of ready-to-wear collections in couture. The brand is known and famous for its ladylike clothing and accessories like some famous elegant perfumes. 

The brand is one of the oldest luxury brands that are still operational and popular among the elite. Haute couture brands like Nina Ricci are not something that you would wear that frequently and definitely the same goes for shopping here on a daily basis.

If you really want to make your special day even better then putting on an outfit from Nina Ricci can definitely take you there. 

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