Moon Magic is a jewelry company started in 2016 in Bali. It was founded by two individuals with a passion for authentic gemstones and a desire to transform the industry.

They embarked on a mission to modernize the antiquated jewelry industry and make high-quality jewelry more affordable.

From their early days of taking their own images and packaging each item by hand to their current status as a rapidly expanding company with more than 50 employees, their beliefs have remained the same.

Now headquartered in Pennsylvania, United States of America, and shipping worldwide, they are devoted to exquisite, hand-selected jewelry and individualized service.

At Moon Magic, they sell more than simply jewelry. Their goal is to bring a touch of enchantment to thoughtful and powerful women around the globe.

They believe that exceptional jewelry should not be reserved for selected people, and hence, they endeavor to offer reasonable pricing while considering ethical sources so that everyone can enjoy their jewelry.

By selling exclusively online, they are able to eliminate customary markups and pass on the savings to you directly.

As of now, Moon Magic has received 4.64 out of 5 stars from more than six thousand customer reviews, suggesting that the vast majority of consumers are pleased with their purchase.

Customers who are pleased with Moon Magic are most likely to cite its customer service and purchasing experience.

The jewelry brand is ranked third among sites for Custom Jewelry. It is because the brand is changing continuously and gaining more and more followers on social media each day.

Women’s Amethyst Rings which are both timeless and fashionable are of astounding quality, and these jewelry pieces are also one of the main reasons why this jewelry brand is so popular.

In terms of their jewelry, they have legit and authentic jewelry pieces and offer gemstones that are 100% authentic.

These gemstones are independently tested by the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s foremost authority on diamonds and colored stones, to ensure their authenticity.

Moreover, their jewelry is composed of 925 Sterling Silver plated with 18k Rose Gold, and this plating is 50 percent thicker than regular gold plating. Their jewelry is also nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic.

Since they only utilize genuine gemstones in their jewelry, their stones include only minor minute biological impurities. It is very normal and natural to observe tiny lines within gemstones.

Is Moon Magic Jewelry Real Gold? 

Moon Magic jewelry is a thoughtful reminder to give yourself some love.

The details of their jewelry are flawless, the quality is fantastic, the colors are exactly as depicted in the images or videos, and the stone’s shape is original, a bit rectangular, which is natural given that it is raw.

Each and every jewelry piece they sell is absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth the price.

Their exquisite jewelry pieces exemplify traditional elegance at their finest and are very reasonable for the quality.

Their solid gold rings are crafted from yellow or rose gold and fine-quality moonstones. They are polished to perfection and adorned with valuable diamonds for added brilliance.

These rings and other solid gold jewelry pieces are made of real gold and authentic gemstones.

Is Moon Magic Jewelry Ethical?

Moon Magic sells much more than just jewelry. Their mission is to deliver a touch of magic to intelligent and influential women around the world.

They think that outstanding jewelry should not be reserved for a select few, thus they strive to provide affordable prices while considering ethical sourcing so that everyone may enjoy their jewelry.

Hence, each piece of jewelry they manufacture is ethically produced.

By selling just online, they are able to avoid standard premiums and pass on the savings directly to you.

In fact, more than six thousand customer reviews have awarded Moon Magic 4.64 out of 5 stars, indicating that the vast majority of customers are delighted with their purchase.

The jewelry brand ranks third among Custom Jewelry websites. This is because the brand is continuously changing and gaining social media followers on a regular basis.

At Moon Magic, they are always searching for methods to operate with greater openness and lessen their environmental effect.

They think that with power comes responsibility, which is why they are committed to protecting the environment and encourage you to do the same.

Together with their local charity trees associations, they have already planted more than 500,000 trees, and they continue to plant trees for each piece of jewelry sold.

Do Moon Magic Rings Turn Your Finger Green?

There is a widespread notion that wearing jewelry will turn your fingers green. The fact that silver rings may leave a green mark on your fingers does not indicate that the brand is of low quality.

The metal composition of a ring is the real culprit behind the establishment of a green hue on the skin.

When a piece of jewelry is composed of 925 sterling silver or coated with 14kt gold, it is composed of 92.5% pure silver alloyed with 7.5% copper.

The combination with copper provides the strength and malleability required to manufacture jewelry.

Copper is an essential component of the production process, but it has the propensity to stain your fingers green.

Remember that everyone’s skin reacts to copper differently. There are numerous reasons why different individuals react very differently to copper, including:

  • The varied chemical content of the skin
  • The composition and intensity of perspiration
  • Individual products and creams

Since Moon Magic jewelry pieces contain sterling silver as well as copper, they might turn your fingers green.

If your fingers turn green while wearing their jewelry, it does not indicate poor craftsmanship. It simply means the jewelry is made from a combination of pure silver and copper.

Some people may think low-quality jewelry can turn fingers green. However, it is usually not the case.

If it still bothers you, there are various methods to prevent your fingers from turning green, one of which is to paint the inside of your ring with clear nail paint. By doing so, the ring will not leave a green mark on your finger.

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