Since masks became an everyday essential after the pandemic, numerous companies started producing masks as a fashion entity to go with your outfit.

This was when MASKC was started in Los Angeles, California.

MASKC is an e-commerce startup that sells fashionable KN95 face masks without compromising on safety.

Their aim is to combine function and fashion to provide safe and comfortable masks in your desired prints and colors.

MASKC products and their details are discussed in this article, along with their customer services and reviews.

Is MASKC A Legit Website?

MASKC is a legitimate brand that launched its website earlier this year.

Face masks have become an important item of use in our everyday lives.

This gave birth to the idea of manufacturing fashionable face masks to match your outfits.

Previously, such masks came only in black and white colors. This is where MASKC captured the market by introducing face masks in almost every color.

MASKC products are available online at

MASKC has both KN95 and regular 3 Ply masks available in different colors.

These masks are available in packs of 10, 25, or 100. They have different varieties with different designs, such as the Blush Tones variety to match your makeup.

They also have different color tone collections along with colorful earloops added to their collection.

On their website, they have a separate section of facemasks for kids where a wide variety of small-sized, printed masks can be found for your young ones.

They also have mask chains to attach to your masks to give a stylish look.

Are MASKC Products FDA Approved?

The basic requirement for an FDA approval is that KN95 masks should filter 95% aerosols.

MASKC claims that they have the emergency use authorization from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Its masks are made by Dongguan Pan American Electronics company which is a manufacturer of KN95 masks authorized by the FDA.

These are five-layered masks where three layers designed to filter germs are sandwiched by an outer non-woven layer and a soft inner layer.

Masks by MASKC are non-washable and last for 10 hours of continuous use.

All their masks have an elastic earloop and an adjustable nose bridge to ensure a perfect fit.

How Good Are MASKC Masks?

MASKC is offering its products at very competitive rates.

Masks are only available in packs of 10, 25, or 100 at MASKC. Masks for kids are relatively cheaper, starting from $18 for a pack of 10 KN95 masks, going up to $36 per pack.

For adults, different variety packs of 10 mostly cost around $36. Packs of 25 masks have a larger variety, and their prices range from $60-$80.

It costs $240 for a pack of 100 masks.

MASKC also has a collection of stylish mask chains, which cost around $15 per piece.

Avail discounts of up to 30% on MASKC as well as sales on different collections. You can visit their website to keep yourself updated on these limited-time offers.

MASKC offers regular discounts and promotions on its products to attract more customers.

Apart from reasonable prices, one major factor that determines how good a brand is is its customer service and policy.

Unlike other fashion brands, MASKC does not accept any returns or exchanges due to the hygienic nature of masks.

In case a damaged product is received, you are required to send a photograph of the product and get store credit in return.

As a growing business, MASKC is looking for brand ambassadors around the world to endorse its products. You can also become an affiliate where you can earn a commission every time your visitors make a purchase.

To look into the quality of masks by MASKC, the following are some reviews by MASKC customers:

  1. Absolutely love these masks. They’re super soft and well worth the wait. I think everything is no longer back-ordered, and they have amazing sales.
  1. I have been frustrated trying to find out why the masks I ordered weeks ago have not arrived and the MASKC customer service rep. Only responds with cut/pasted responses and a link to the Fed-Ex tracking.
  1. MASKC charged my credit card as soon as I placed my order but did not ship masks until I contacted my credit card company; however, the plastic bag containing the masks was ripped open, exposing the masks and rendering them unusable.

MASKC customers have mixed responses.

It can be said that the quality of the masks by MASKC is good, but the customers are facing problems in the shipment of these products.

As reviews suggest, MASKC also needs to change its customer service representatives to ensure customer satisfaction.

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