Loewe is a Spanish brand that was founded in 1846 in Madrid. This brand is sourced from the craftsmanship of Spanish leather artisans and is owned by the LVMH group. 

This is the kind of brand that is not only famous for its amazing style and heritage of bags but also has some rich history that tells a lot.

This Spanish brand started off as a leather manufacturer.

A Hessian merchant, Enrique Loewe Roessberg decided to join a group of leather makers and later on introduced the idea of Loewe as a brand. Queen Ena of Spain in the early 1900s became a major customer of the brand. 

A historic moment was when the brand got the royal warrant and was the official brand that would be providing bags to the Royal House of Spain.

Loewe already had the reputation for providing the best quality of leather handbags and with bagging the royal warrant, it soon became the most popular brand that people would love to shop at.

Not only did this card give this brand a solid level of recognition but also made it the most desirable Luxury Brand on the market. For some fashion lovers, especially of this brand, Loewe is the Spanish Hermes. 

This Spanish brand used to have some top-tier customers in the society like some really famous film stars, Ava Gardner, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, and Sophia Loren.

This one became the “it” brand for many people who wanted to own luxury and premium quality leather bags. 

The first-ever ready-to-wear collection was introduced by the brand in the 1960s. The brand later on expanded into fashion and perfumes which also gained much recognition and love from the masses. 

The brand has had some famous designers of all time like Laura Biagiotti and Giorgio Armani.

These designers create some early collections for clothing lines for the brand which is definitely a moment to remember. 

Some of the famous designs of the bags by this one have been an all-time favorite for people and there is definitely a list. This list includes;

  • The Gate
  • The Puzzle Bag
  • The Hammock
  • The Basket Bag
  • The Elephant Bag
  • The Bunny Bag
  • The Barcelona Small Bag
  • And The Missy Small Bag

The one that really stands out even to this date is the puzzle bag by Loewe. It is definitely the Spanish “IT” bag that depicts an evergreen vibe of functional, posh, and beauty. 

The most iconic bag of this Spanish brand has a cuboid shape that has nine pieces of leather stitched together. This kind of construction makes this bag lay flat. 

The best part of this bag is the versatile ways you can carry it around. It can be a clutch, shoulder bag, satchel, messenger bag, and also crossbody bag for convenience and style. 

Is Loewe A Luxury Brand?

Loewe is definitely a luxury brand that takes a lead in making bags that are one of its kind in terms of style and quality. The brand is much more expensive than the mass market and something that you can’t afford that easily.

Are Loewe Bags Good Quality?

The brand is known for its high quality and durability along with keeping up the design element as versatile as it gets. 

The iconic leather bag is made by hand in Madrid and with nine different pieces of leather coming together, you can say that the brand is doing something right. 

What Is Loewe Known For?

Loewe is known for its iconic bag collection that is famous among many consumers and fashion enthusiasts. The brand does have a ready-to-wear collection and also has tapped into perfumes. 

But bags are like a staple here that you don’t want to miss out on once you decide to shop from here. 

Is Loewe Owned By LVMH?

LVMH group is known for owning many luxury brands like Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Loewe. 

If you have any doubts or have not even heard of Loewe then you are about to see and discover something marvelous. Loewe is also known for adapting inspiration from pop culture and film for its designs.

There is a collection of bags and clothes here that is inspired by Ghibli Studio animation. This collection received a huge positive response from the consumers and was sure a testament to creativity.

Do check out the website and stores that does have something special for everyone! 

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