There is no brand on the face of this planet that you cannot wear to work. It is just a matter of what you choose to wear from a brand and how you end up styling it with accessories and everything else. 

Lilly Pulitzer is a well-known name in the fashion industry and it was created by accident when the owner of the brand was on a beach with a juice stand. She accidentally spilt some juice on her dress and to cover it up she used a patch that gained a lot of people’s attention. 

Her customers loved the juice she used to sell but more than that they were interested in the dress she used to wear for every shift. With time the designer was selling more dresses than juice and that is how she decided to focus on her designing skills more. 

With time she gained immense popularity and her dresses were called Lilly’s. The dresses here are easily recognisable due to their flowery patterns and most importantly if you look closely you can see that in the patterns there is always Lilly inscribed. 

The entire line is affordable so you can wear any type of dress you want. You can also find some of the dress collections at Target which also makes it super accessible for many people who love this brand. 

The dresses that you see here have very vibrant and bright colours so basically, it is a lively brand for people who are the type. The classic bright shift kind of dresses are suitable for almost any occasion that you want to wear them and they can work in a business casual environment as well.

There is nothing wrong with wearing these dresses to a business casual place. You have to check in with the HR policies and the mandatory dress code. 

But with casual workplaces, you get to experiment with your looks a lot. This is where the Lilly dresses come in with the diverse colour range and styles making them perfect for the casual yet put-together look for work. 

Can You Wear Lilly Pulitzer To Work?

Yes, you can wear Lilly Pulitzer to work. It is always about finding the dresses that are the right shape so that they do comply with the work environment and look good and comfortable on you as well. 

With dresses, you have to watch a certain length and type of dress that you are going to wear. If it is a flowy dress, then with the right length you can pull it off at your work. 

Make sure that you don’t wear the shift dresses to work instead opt for a solid colour palette for the dresses you pick from this brand. You can always time down the bright colours with the kind of accessories you wear. 

The accessories, in the case of a bright dress, have to be more demure and singular instead of something that pops easily and distracts the people you engage with at work. 

The silhouettes here are perfect for the work environment if you are used to wearing a simple wrap dress to work. You can pair this dress with a nice pair of heels or shoes that would look perfect for the business meeting you are about to attend. 

Is A Cami Business Casual?

There are so many sleeveless tops and dresses that women can wear to work and that is considered fine even in a conservative business environment. But for a cami or a tank top, you have to wear it with something that looks soberer and composed as compared to on its own.

You can pair your camisole or tank top with a nice blazer or a work jacket that would compliment your entire corporate look. Another way you can style a cami is by wearing it as an undergarment for your dress. 

If you have a sheer dress that is see-through material, you can wear a cami under it, of a similar colour to the dress or a contrast. This would save you from second-hand embarrassment and work with rainy weather after work as well.

What Is Lilly Pulitzer Known For?

Lilly Pulitzer is known for its lively collection of dresses and especially the shift dresses that everyone adores. These dresses give you the idea of a bright sunny day with a beach and just having fun with the colours while you are at it. 

There are a few retailers that sell the brand’s clothing and you can find them at cheaper rates as compared to the original prices. Always make sure to check your local retailers and other brands that are known for selling quality clothing and accessories.

You can always wear bright colours to work, it all depends on how you choose to balance out the entire look that you have in mind. Shoes can bring out the kind of dress you are wearing, be it Lilly Pulitzer or anything else. 

Your shoes need to give a sober look when you are at work. With a bright dress, you can always go for some neutral heels or a dark sober colour that doesn’t draw unusual attention to them. 

Then comes your accessories because they are going to be a nail in the coffin with your entire look. Keep it contained and low-key with the earnings and you can always wear studs that are perfect with almost any look. 

Bright coloured dresses can make you and your sense of style pop at work so make sure to wear colours that work for you and the kind of day you are wearing them on. 

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