Lane Woods is an online jewelry store selling gorgeous moissanite jewelry since 2018.

Many TikTok users and Instagrammers have endorsed the brand, but there’s still suspicion about its authenticity.

Since online stores work through their websites, we decided to check whether the Lane Woods website domain is blacklisted.

The results came out in the brand’s favor. It is not recognized by any blacklist engine.

The brand’s Instagram account is also pretty decent and has no red flags.

As far as the sales are concerned, the brand does deliver products to the buyers.

While some buyers complain about the items not being up to mark, others seem content with the quality of jewelry.

So we have concluded that although the brand has good and bad products, it does not scam the buyers and is legit.

Our advice to first-time shoppers would be to check the reviews about the product before buying it.

Is it good quality?

The brand’s website claims that all its jewelry items have the base of sterling silver.

Sterling silver is a high-quality alloy containing 92.5% pure silver mixed with another metal.

The silver base is coated with rhodium or 14K to 18K gold, giving the jewelry its shine and luster.

Although gold-plated silver is a perfect combination for high-quality jewelry, Lane Woods buyers have given mixed reviews. 

Some claim that the brand offers decent products for the price paid, but others don’t seem happy with their purchases. 

According to some buyers, their rings started to lose their shine within two weeks.

One woman even claimed that her ring started dropping stones as soon as she bought it.

So, it’s safe to say that Lane Woods has good quality products, but there is still room for improvement.

Is Lane Woods reliable?

To understand how reliable Lane Woods is, we first need to know what it takes for a brand to get that tag. 

A reliable brand promises its customers high-quality products and guarantees to return their money if the product is not up to mark. 

A reliable brand also delivers the product that has been ordered and not something else.

Another characteristic of a reliable brand is that delivers the products on time and provides a valid explanation for any delay. 

So does Lane Woods fulfill these criteria? To find out, we read reviews from its buyers online and discovered that the brand isn’t as reliable as its website makes it out to be. 

Many customers faced the problem of late delivery. 

One lady was furious because she had paid for express delivery but hadn’t received the order even after one month. Another lady had a similar complaint. 

She claimed that Lane Woods does not even offer a proper tracking method. 

Many people also complained about receiving items that they never ordered. One lady, for example, ordered a tennis necklace but received three rings instead. Yikes.  

Even if we give Lane Wood some leverage over delivery issues, the brand still can’t be labeled as reliable.  The reason is poor quality products that lose stones and start to fade within weeks.

So, the final verdict is that Lane Woods is not reliable.

Is Lane Woods an ethical brand?

Upon inspection of Lane Woods’s website, you come across a claim that the brand uses recyclable materials whenever possible but does not provide any evidence.

There is no information regarding their current or future recycling projects.

The brand also claims that all the material it uses for the production of its jewelry, along with the manufacturing process, meets the regulations set by REACH regulations of the European Union.

If the brand truly respects and follows the regulations set by REACH means that its jewelry is free from harmful chemicals like cadmium, lead, and nickel.

But since Lane Woods does not provide any evidence, we can be sure about its manufacturing practices.

What we do know for sure is that Lane woods uses moissanite instead of diamond in its jewelry. 

Since moissanite is a man-made stone, there is no need to dig up grounds to obtain it. The gorgeous stone is created in labs under controlled conditions.

Mining of diamonds excessive water and noise pollution that kills thousands of animals every year and is making several species extinct. 

By using moissanite, Lane Woods plays a part in reducing this pollution. No mining also means that the stone’s origin is easily traceable.

But again, the brand is not transparent about where it makes its jewelry.

Our final verdict regarding Lane Woods’s ethical practices is that although the brand makes big claims, it does not provide any evidence to prove them. 

So, we can not call Lane Woods ethical, until it becomes transparent about its manufacturing and sourcing.

Is Lane Woods jewelry free of lead and nickel?

Lead is widely used to produce cheap jewelry as it is inexpensive and brightens the colors of the ornaments. 

Since the metal is toxic to humans and the environment, many first-world countries forbid its usage in jewelry.

Long exposure to lead can cause problems like abdominal pain, constipation, muscle weakness, anemia, organ failure, and even death. 

The metal does not degrade and remains intact for decades inside the human body and outside.

Using nickel in jewelry has a lot of benefits. It makes the articles strong, lightweight, and shiny. Since it is much cheaper than silver, many manufacturers use it to make stylish, inexpensive pieces. 

Sadly, however, the use of nickel in jewelry has been restricted because it is an allergen. It triggers allergic contact dermatitis in many people- a skin condition in which the skin develops swellings and a rash that is itchy and painful. 

Lane Woods jewelry website claims the brand does not use either of the two metals. All of its jewelry contains a sterling silver base coated with gold or rhodium.

Where is Lane Woods located?

The brand does not reveal any information regarding its location. No one knows where Lane Woods headquarters and factories are located.


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